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(PUR) Watermelon

By: Purilum (PUR) - Buy Direct

Used in 366 recipes at an average of 3.933%.


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An even More Fruit-juice-like variation of how I like Water Melonz.

This is basically version 2. a more refined version of my "Deez Melonz" by Backing off the cactus and using some Kiwi to add more wetness and mask the Cactus a little.
Also added some strawberry to spread that sweetness of the profile a bit more

Feel free to push the WS to what you like

I was chilling one day vaping on my 'Deez Too Melonz' and dripped some lemonade over it by accident, It turned out pretty delicious and I Mixed this Lemonade remix of it.

I was going for a Candy type of sweetness in the Melon here, while still keeping a more real Chilled fruit Juice like profile.

  • You can sub the 1% TPA Watermelon if you need to and increase the PUR Watermelon with 1%, but I does change the Watermelon profile a little.

Just a nice sweet creamy melon vape with a touch or tart from the lemonade.. steep 3 days the Lemonade blends in nicely to not over power the melons. The strawberry work so well with the melons to crest this succulent taste of the venom. Mixed at 70/30.

\\Steep Time: 3 Days
\\Mixed at: 70vg\30pg

About 95% my mixing life all I have worked on is bakery/dessert style recipes, usually with some sort of fruit note (Ruby's Oatz, Key Lime n Piel, etc). Making something that revolved around just a fruit profile is something I have always wanted to put some serious effort into, so why not start now? This is the "fruit" of that labor. It's still a bit in the dessert department, but this is a Melon slush that I think you will really enjoy for the rest of summer.

Fruit Mix: When I SFT'd PUR Watermelon it was pretty dang tasty, but was more of a candied watermelon. I played with LA's as well; but I arrived at a combination of PUR Watermelon, CAP Cantaloupe, and JF Honeydew Melon for the melon mix. Honeydew helps give a sort of natural melon base, with CAP Cantaloupe bridging the gap between them.

Some Slushiness: I played with VT Fizzy Sherbet in a few different recipes. For those that want a good baseline of VT Fizzy Sherbet in a recipe, check out The Spider by StarsandClouds or 7 NUP by pgl55. It really helps imply that effervescence of a soda-type drink. To add a bit more juiciness to it, I added a bit of FA pear to try and make a basic slush base. I'm sure there are better out there, but I like this one personally since Pear will accent the other fruits well anyway. WS-23 helps bring it all home with that nice and cool throat hit.

You can probably get away with a 1-day steep on this, but I like to give it 3 just to let everything settle. I hope you dig it!

Pink watermelon candy

Pur - Watermelon is the best watermelon I've had.
MB - Big watermelon to add body to pur watermelon.
Dfs - Li hing mui, the secret ingredient, its a chinese salty dried plum. It has a watermelon taste to it. It adds a whole new dimension so the watermelon.
Flv - Candy roll, to turn everything into a candy.
Inw - Cactus to add juicyness to the watermelon.
Fa - Fresh cream to bind everything together.
Ws-23 to add a slight cooling effect.
Add super sweet to your taste.

Look out mixers, right in time for summer this could be your ADV. a nice sweet delectable Mango watermelon that is really good. Shake it and vape it. You won’t put it down. This stuff is magical.

Colleague of mine wanted a Watermelon Bubble Gum for his sister and asked me to make one. This is what I came up with. Figured I would release it as she has purchased a few 30mL's from me.

Just a great candied tarty juicy watermelon . Shake n vape certified.

A nice light ,sweet and Creamy Melon Ice cream. Steep 5 days. Light notes of vanilla and sweet Creaminess. If your a melon fan you will love it.

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