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(PUR) Toasted Coconut Cheesecake

By: Purilum (PUR) - Buy Direct

Used in 67 recipes at an average of 2.833%.


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I couldn't take another berry custard, and I have been on an apricot kick lately, so this is the result. It is good off the shake, but I am sure it will improve with age.
This needs to be vaped at at least 40 watts for the flavor to come out.
Tested on a Pixie, SS 0.28

Made for the Saturday Fresh 03 show - simple tasty mixes
Off the shake this has a thick creamy milky caramel (from dulce de leche) note on the inhale that transitions to a full creamy vanilla cheesecake with a light toasted coconut note on the exhale. Nice off the shake better at 3 - 5 day s

I prefer JF dulce de leche to TPA is just a fuller creamier profile but TPA can be also be used at the same %
If you do not want a predominant coconut note you can sub TPA cheesecake (graham cracker) for the PUR toasted coconut cheese cake as TPA cheese cake has a light coconut note to it as well.

if you do not have OOO vanilla custard cheesecake you can sub INW yes we can cheesecake they both have a very creamy body with a light vanilla note to it.

This will need a 3 - 5 day steep for the cheesecake to really come forward .

Inspired by a The Mixing Vixens challenge.

When I was living in Puerto Rico I was introduced to a coconut pudding with cinnamon and toasted coconut called "Tembleque." This is a variation of that pudding topped with passionfruit.

The foundation is the WF Coconut Custard, but the Toasted Coconut Cheesecake brings out the custard and coconut flavor. A simple topping of Passion with just a touch of Cinnamon Sugar completes the recipe.

Although this tastes great off the shake, it improves with time.

Tested at 60/40 VG/PG, 0.45 ohm, 316SS, Citadel clone

Raspberry Coconut Cookie
This is a delicious chewy coconut cookie with Jam in the center

The cookie
INW Coconut Cookie, JF Cookie, and Cap Sugar Cookie create this cookie. INW Coconut cookie is the main focus, but needs a bit of help. JF Cookie is used to help with the crispy bottom texture, and Cap Sugar Cookie is used to give the chewy center needed for the cookie.
The coconut
The cookie itself needed more coconut. I used VT Desiccated Coconut to give the feel and taste of sweet coconut. PUR Toasted Coconut Cheesecake was used to add the toasted note for the top of the cookie.
The jam
For the jam in the center of the cookie, I used, VT Raspberry Jam, and to boost the flavor just a bit, I added some FLV Boysenberry.
This definitively ended up a very delicious Coconut Cookie with a nice raspberry jam added to it.

the combination of PUR and JF cheesecake make for a creamy phily styled cheesecake, with notes of vanilla and light coconut. While it is called toasted it is a very light toasted note, it is not very prominent. to me JF cheesecake is an upscale version of TPA cheesecake.
Cap and VT pineapple create a juicy sweet bright - slightly candy profile which works for that syrup topping, the Jamaican rum adds some dark sweetness and spices that sits at the back of the vape with the pineapple

CAP vanilla whipped adds some additional vanilla notes and some sweetness to the mix
This is a sweet mix but feel free to add sweetener of your choice
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WF Butter Pecan Pie, OOO Marshmallow, and PUR Toasted Coconut Cheese Cake create the base and body of this mix WF butter pecan pie is a dark graham cracker brown sugar nutty base . The toasted coconut cheese cake adds some creamy body to the mix along with a toasted coconut note that helps to support the VT coconut OOO adds a needed vanilla note in this mix and some volume

FLV Smokey Butterschotch adds some warm notes to this mix and to the coconut along with that drizzle top note

VT Dark Chocolate is the dark chocolate background note on the exhale

ADDITIONAL NOTES and subs VT dark chocolate could be subed for HS Australian chocolate. PUR toasted coconut cheese cake could be subbed with INW yes we can cheese cake it is a nice creamy dense cheesecake, but you will loose some of those back toasted notes Add a Sweetness to yyou liking I used sweetness at .30

Inw Malina Raspberry and TFA Sweet Raspberry make a really nice raspberry base for this recipe. FA Coconut at 2 percent to push the coconut note in the Pur Toasted Coconut Cheesecake (which is an excellent cheesecake). Caps NY Cheesecake and Custard V1 to give some extra body and mouthfeel. Add sweetener to your own preference. i mixed this and tossed it in my steep box but didnt get around to it for 3 weeks. It is very good. If i make any change at all i may push the coconut a tad more. I may order coconut candy or some other sweet coconut for this in the future.

Ive edited this recipe a little....i dropped FA Coconut to 1 percent and added 1 percent of TFA Coconut Candy. I love this version better. It tastes so good, its my current ADV.


Was aiming for a snowball cake here but shake and vape, this tastes (to me) like a Hostess Cupcake. I don't taste the coconut at all... However, others taste the coconut. So I'm not quite sure about this... It's somewhere between a Snowball and Hostess Cupcake. Either way, it's really good.

After getting LB White Chocolate Peppermint and really liking it. I got an idea from tartarusspawn on ELR. Add some coconut to it. I had Purilum Toasted Coconut Cheesecake, which I like as well. So I figured what the hell and starting playing around. I am still working on the right balance of percentages, but I am really liking it so far.

The front is definitely peppermint. Ending with a slight coconutty finish.
I added CAP Sweet Cream and TPA Whipped Cream for a more creamy taste and more body.
TPA Graham Cracker Clear to boost the cheesecake graham. (This percentage still needs tweaking)
Just a touch of FA Almond to accent the nut in Coconut.
WS-23 30% to boost the cooling of the Peppermint.
CAP Super Sweet at 0.50% to sweeten it up. You could go up or down on the percentage to fit your taste.

In the end the percentages on the Peppermint, Coconut, and Graham flavors need tweaking, but as is I am enjoying it.

Flavor Notes