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(PUR) Super Sweet

By: Purilum (PUR) - Buy Direct

Used in 877 recipes at an average of 0.521%.


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Nice sweet and sour tropical Punch. Needs no steep just a good shake n vape. As the weather starts to get warmer this is a perfect summertime vape. Mix, shake and enjoy. Made at 65/35pg.

So I took one my favorite OG MTL flavor profiles and updated it . it is a fun refreshing sweet vibrant mix, ideal for low wattage restricted airflow devcies

Lime cordial VTA is a sweet thick syrup type of lime flavor, as soon as I tested it I thought SLUSHIE or lime lollipop!!! it almost seems to have a slight creaminess and does coat your mouth. Works great as a the main profile for a lime slushy. NOTE it does fade over time - so you may want to add another more authentic lime

Galla Melon is a honeydew /cantaloupe profile and provides the fleshy body middle note for the lime to sit on top of

The cucumber adds a wetness and juiciness to this that is noticeable on the back end. it does have a bit of a sweetness that almost seems like a banana note to me which I am noticing in several of the VT flavors, but I like it in this mix . This is another flavor that tends to fade and change over time. ( Note if you use FA cucumber it will add a more savory note that will stand out much more on the exhale then VTA in this mix )

Artic mint I just love this flavor for this type of application. it is the prefect combination of coolness / menthol and mint with out being over the top. there is some room for this to go up to higher if you want to really have that cooling mint effect stand out. This does come through at the back end with the cucumber .

Sweetner once again that is your taste, the lime cordial and cucumber have some sweetness - but I really liked the additional sweetner for MTL/PODs

This mix can also be used in a MTL or low wattage tank


This is a raspberry orgy, its named by my wife who loves frambozen, dutch for raspberries of course.
Complimenting here with (FA)Forest Fruit & (JF) Strawberry Sweet.
You might have guessed, she's the Super Sweet one in the family.
By the way, this is the creambase she craves all the time. A light sweet cream that just barely touches that yogurt side.

Up the %'s the darker the fruits are:
TPA Vanilla Bean Ice Cream 1.5% - 2.5%
CAP Vanilla Whipped Cream 1% - 1.5%
CAP Creamy Yogurt 3.5% - 4.5%
CAP or PUR Super Sweet 0.25% - 1%

Please enjoy,


A lovely Vanilla Ice cream soda with a little Fizz. As per the picture I purchased a F&N Ice-Cream soda after never having one before. I then set out to develop a replica of what I experienced and I am happy to say that this recipe IMO does it with around 95% accuracy.

VT Fizzy Sherbet is what helps the VT Creaming Soda to bring out that little bit of Fizz type of feel. The LB ice-cream is all that is needed to get the notes I required to get those ice - creamy notes. This has a very prominent smooth vanilla flavor through the middle hence the INW Shisha Vanilla and also gives some lovely caramel toward the back where the FA Caramel works so well. Like most soda's there is sweetness that demands a sweetener hence there but niced & low. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do ! It's lovely!

See it being created here: https://youtu.be/C76vcUEuUj4?t=16m19s

so I love tutti fruti jelly beans they just pop with that bright in your face fruit flavor - so this is my take on that .

I used 27 bears, marshmallow and circus candy to create the main jelly texture. 27 bears is a pretty authentic gummy bear type texture and has a white gummy flavor note. The rainbow sherbet I used to create the bright fruit flavor mix - along with the fizzy sherbet which helps that flavor to really brighten and pop . The hard candy is not really needed here but does add that slight sense of the hard candy shell if kept a a very low %. If you want that extra pop of sweetness then add sweetner but it is pretty sweet with the cotton candy

This Strawberry combination blew my mind, just incredible flavor flavor flavor.
I'm serving these on a light vanilla yogurt cream today.
You're right fellow mixers, Vape train is killing it!

4% Creamy Yogurt (CAP)
2% Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA)
3% Strawberry Jam (VTA)
0.5% Super Sweet (Purilum)
2% Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (TPA)
1% Vanilla Whipped Cream (CAP)


YUP i went there and tried to capture that mythical Chocolate and Cream filled Egg that only comes out once a year . In doing some research for this mix I found out that the cream filling of the the egg is actually a liquid fondant which is just sugar, water and corn syrup - (what a let down - who knew )

The shell I used hangsen Australian chocolate , VT dark chocolate and VT chocolate mousse together to create a creamy chocolate that I am after. Hagsen Chocolate is a great semi sweet chocolate when used low - but leans to the dark chalky chocolate if used much above 1% So I balanced that out a bit with the mousse to create the creaminess and the dark chocolate bring the chocolate forward the VT white chiclate is used for smooth creamy mouth feel for the chocolate

The filling i used FLV frosting which is a strong forward sweet butter cream with white chocolate that creates the main base of the thick vanilla creamy texture I am after - The Marshmallow and golden syrup create that sticky texture I am wanted
The super sweet is added to bring that over the top sweetness - but it is not needed
This is a high wattage flavor profile


My take on a Caramel Custard.
A Rich Creamy Caramel vape with a slight cookie finish. This one is smooth and heavy on the tongue.
FA Caramel is one of the best caramel flavors in the business. It is not a complete caramel flavor, but with help it was the right one. FW Butterscotch Ripple added rounds out the the caramel and gives it some creaminess. INW Custard adds to the creaminess, further rounds out the caramel a bit more, and gives the mix more weight. It also does not necessarily require a long steep, but it does get better over time. INW Biscuit puts in that gritty cookie background. FW Butter Pecan adds a slight nutty note. Sweetener as with most mixes is optional, but PUR Super Sweet at 0.25% gives a perfect overall sweetness. CAP’s version can be used at the same percentage. Just follow the recipe and use CAP instead. To me PUR’s Super Sweet is a cleaner tasting sweetener.
This can definitely go off the shake but starts to take shape after a week. The Biscuit gets better and the caramel creams start to melt together. The longer is goes the better it gets. Around three weeks it starts to peak.
EDITED to 1% Biscuit per SlashaLO’s recommendation which was spot on.👍🏻👍🏻

Le petit-déjeuner, french for the breakfast, is what I made for my darling wife when she asked me for something different, although it had to be another strawberry vape.
The profile is a piece of toast, slightly brown and crisp with a tiny bit of butter and a delightful layer of sweet strawberry jam.
As Breakfast from Solub Arome can be a bit too burnt tasting on it's own, it is tempered here by the yogurt, that's the secret in this recipe.
My wifie is a sweetie, so I added a ton of sweetener, that's how she likes it.
Of course you can lower the Super Sweet or use CAP Super Sweet instead.
You can shake and vape this one, but a few days of rest practically always improves the overall flavor and the combination's potential can be attained.

Let me know if you like it, I know she does... ;)
Have yourselves a good morning, don't forget the coffee and enjoy,

P.S.: If you like Jam Monster Strawberry, you might like this one too...


This is a spot on shoofly pie - so what is a Shoofly pie you ask ? Shoofly pie began as a crust-less molasses cake called Centennial cake in 1876, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia The name comes from a particular brand of molasses, Shoofly Molasses

. The dry-bottom version is baked until fully set and results in a more cake-like consistency throughout. The wet-bottom version is set like cake at the top where it was mixed in with the crumbs, but the very bottom is a stickier, gooier custard-like consistency

As a kid my family would vacation in Lancaster PA with a large amish community and they would sell wet bottom shoofly pie at road side stands, I love that pie !!!!
for this pie the Molasses and , butterscotch cream pie create the main note . The molasses is a brown sugar/ maple syrup and needs a a little body to support it so the butterscotch cream pie by WF, along with the condensed milk to create that wet bottom of the pie. . The recipe actually has a stick of butter for the crumble top hence the butter base by VT combined with some of LB bakers touch to add a cinnamon for the crumble like texture. The sugar cookie and cookie are my go generic butter pie crust. and will also help with the crumble top . This is an over the top sweet pie so it needed a touch a supersweet

This brought back some great memories for me - This is pretty much spot on and needs bout 2 - 3 days to really begin to come out and 5 days to get the deeper molasses notes

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