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I'm honestly not even sure where to begin on this. Lately I've just been throwing things at the wall to see what sticks and I think this one sorta stuck. I've been wanting to use blueberries more and this is what happened on my first attempt in ages. It's very candy. If you like sweet, give it a shot. Sweetener is optional, I put it in there by default but I think it may be just fine without it.

Remix of Mexican corn cake with ooo corn bread and my fav sweetener mix. Its good I've made 300ml’s of it so far

I'm only keeping the name ATF provided because it's hilarious.

Pretty straightforward here. I have tried so many cookie recipes and I am settling on this. One of my all-day vapes.

Soft baked cookie base has a grainy quality and RF Sugar cookie has a soft sugar cookie quality that forms a great cookie base. If you don't have RF I would substitute maybe JF Cookie or WF Sugar Cookie as CAP will give you a crunchy spice note. I was looking for that store-bought heavy frosted sugar cookie vibe and I think this achieves it nicely.

The creams. I tried FLV Frosting, FLV Cream, WF Buttercream frosting, and so many others trying to get a heavy frosted feel and no matter what I tried I kept feeling like I was coming up short. WF Tahitian Vanilla Cream has a nutty note that complements the cookie quite nicely and when paired with the Vanilla Cream Extra and Sweet Cream thickens up and forms a nice heavy frosting note.

Super sweet is optional.

Try it. Leave a rating if you like it. Thanks. You can vape it after an overnight steep but it starts to shine after the 3 - 5 day mark. Add a little bit of strawberry or your favorite fruit if you want to change it up a bit.

A pretty good vanilla vape. im liking it. All it needs is one more thing to be perfect… maybe a cookie or some kind of fruit or cake

Just got wf almond custard and wanted to make something with it.i came up with this recipe,its a good custard im liking it.

This is probably my favorite banana recipe i make.its an adv with plenty of flavor and sweetness

A decent pb shake.im still tweaking it so its not finished yet but as of right now its a good vape.i think the peanut butter could be a little stronger.i tweaked the recipe a little plus i added wf caramel popcorn and peanuts, thats a new flavor for me.im letting it steep i haven't tried the the tweaked recipe yet. Constructive criticism is always welcome

A butterscotch cake, not much else to say.fa vanilla ice cream is also known as gelato vaniglia fyi... use your own sweetener at the % you like,i like my juice sweet and cap and pur sweeteners mixed work perfect for my taste buds

Nothing crazy going on here. I got the new WF and Wild Berry Gummy was one of the first that I pulled out of the bag to test. It's got a great gummy mouth feel to it, so I decided to run with it.

Wild Berry Gummy forms the gummy base along with the candy jammy wizard. Forest fruit is there to boost the berry element. The candy wiz really helps to bring the two berries together as one entity.

Super sweet because it is candy after all.

Simple, flavorful, delicious

This is a new recipe im working on and right out the gate its good.i think i have just a little tweaking to do but as of right now its a great creamy cheesecake with strawberry glaze.please feel free to comment and give me your opinion ,would love some feedback

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