(PUR) Nilla Wafer with Milk

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coffe clouds recipe for wolfgang, learning the ways of the vape


All ingredients not at a normal percentage are 1 drop per 30ml.

This comes across off the shake like strawberry syrup and whipped cream, if you've got all of the flavors and an hour to spare give it a shot, lol.


Tasty Strawberry Vanilla Milk Shake and Vape, will develop richness and malty'ness over the course of a 5 day steep.
Sweeten to taste.

It's a sunny day in Philly, the baby whales have been saved, the homless pets have had their Jui Jitsu lessons. Nothing better than a heaping bowl of banana pudding pool side with Nick Devine in a speedo....

Sweeten to taste.


So this is my take on the amazing nilla killa one of my local shops used too carry this flavor and he had a bottle with maybe 20ml left and he gave it too me to try & clone and this is my best version of it and I made it for the owner and he absolutely loved it I made him a 120ml bottle of it and let it steep for a week and gave it too him and he pretty much vaped the whole bottle in 3 days mix it and give it a try guys promise you will love it

A remix from post cereals NILLa banana pudding cereal . still a work in progress but still very good .


This is Original Content
"Change My mind"

TFA vbic + CAP custard V1
Light custard base, good combo 2:4

Strawberry(ripe)- darker bottom strawberry note
Shisha Strawberry-brighter topnote strawberry

Nilla wafer with milk- The milk note.
Light wafer to fill in the gaps

Can vape after 4 days but its better to wait at least a week.


"banana nilla wafer milk" at the moment

will keep tweaking this recipe till its perfect, but I wanted to share "as is"
3 day steep, still a Work in progress
(not very sweet, add preferred sweetener to taste)

Creme Brulee Milkshake. PUR Nilla Wafer Milk makes a great base for thick milkshakes.


This recipe is a thick chocolate milk vape
-> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eg-8oh92TgQ

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