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(PUR) New York Cheesecake

By: Purilum (PUR) - Buy Direct

Used in 112 recipes at an average of 2.859%.


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A rich vanilla custard, lightly sweet with some good old Kentucky bourbon. Vape in the evening for a true whiskey lullaby.

Creamy cold peppermint vape.
This was the last recipe in a round of working with WS-23 30%. After testing the round with friends. This one was the most requested for more.
· LB White Chocolate Peppermint- This is one flavor I fell in love with after purchasing it for holiday recipes. It is very smooth with a great peppermint flavor. It finishes with a lite creamy white chocolate flavor.
· PUR Condensed Milk- Lite on sweetness and weight. Lite smooth milk flavor with no off notes. It mixes well with other milk/cream/chocolate/cheesecake flavors for more depth. You can sub other condensed milks.
· PUR NY Cheesecake- Very silky smooth cheesecake with a nice graham note. I added it to give the mix more weight and a creamier taste with a bit of graham texture/flavor. You can sub CAP NY Cheesecake at 2% but it won't be quite as smooth.
· WS-23 30%- another one I love. Blows Koolada out of the water. Cold/frozen effect without changing the accompanying flavors.
· PUR Super Sweet- Great sweetener and is right there with CAP Super Sweet. It is a tad less sweet than CAP, but does better in cream or bakery recipes IMO. You can sub CAP Super Sweet at the same percentage or TFA Sweetener at 1%
It is great off the shake, but gets creamier after a week.


I was testing out the Purilum Cheesecake flavours and came up with this delicious creamy cheesecake. This is pretty straight forward, and the flavours don't need much explaination. I added Devon Cream to add a tasty, thick whipping cream to the cheesecake. All these flavours require about a weeks steep to come together.

Blueberry Cream Cake that is just beautiful.
New York Cheesecake CAP could be a sub, but up it 1%
In my mind, New York Cheesecake Purilum has no equal and works way better for deserts...Enjoy!!

Another strawberry cream and my latest ADV. Purilum NY cheesecake makes this a little more interesting. I know the percentages are a bit high, but it's works. Hope you enjoy.

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