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🎼 🎶 Here I am, and in this city, I feel so good tonight, Who cares about tomorrow, so baby, you'd better believe! I'm back, back in the New York groove🎵 A recipe dedicated to ♠︎ACE.
A Breath-taking "Pink Lady Apple" Moist Muffin drizzled with Butterscotch and bits of Cookie Crisp. Enjoy!!

Simple lychee. Syrupy and delicious. Cheated a little with the apple and a hint of strawberry

FM Custard Tobacco is actually VTA Custard Tobacco.
This is one of my favorite tobacco recipes. Nothing makes a pipe tobacco come alive like Apple.
I started with my favorite Ry4 type VTA
Custard Tobacco and added INW Classic for Pipe Black together they make the perfect creamy tobacco base. Then by adding a bit of Cap Cinnamon Danish Swirl and WF Caramel Butter they add depth to the flavor and pair really well with the tobacco and apples. For the apples I wanted a cooked apple and a cider apple which is why I used PUR Country Apple and FLV Apple. I like to use TPA Sweetener with WF Molasses in this tobacco recipe because it adds a light sweetness and adds darker notes to the tobaccos. It is a deep tobacco so give it at least 21 days to steep.

I have been wanting to find the reason why anyone would vape on a grape juice or grape candy lol well with grape juice being one of the first flavorings given me in the beginning, I never really thought about messing with it, until 4 months ago. I know what some may think "Why wait almost two years to mess with a flavoring?". To be honest, when I tested it as a standalone I hated it, so much.
Come to find out I did have a use for it thanks to my kids once again, I have found a way to keep it low enough to still taste it without it being so overwhelming which is why I hated it to begin with. But I am still sticking my toes in the water with any type of grape.
So the recipe shown above reminds me of a juice that you can buy at any store that sales cranberry juices and other fruit juices. The mix looks a little funky but it is good for a fruit juice. The grape is the main profile, with the peach and apple on the back more than the front of the mix as shown in the mix. You will notice that the grape has more of the juice on it's side obviously, and that the apple and peach are for the accents which work very well together in my opinion.

After the first day things really come together so as far as I am concerned this recipe is not only good but its probably finished!

Regardless of which I think y'all will like this as a good vape! Mix and enjoy!

Apple Waffle Maple, you know the deal.

Made on Live Mixing:


Welcome to the world of tobacco. 🤗

I wanted to create something new. Something light but lasting. Something extraordinary, which is not based on anything known from the culinary world. This entry-level tobacco vape is meant to bridge the gap between fruity, sweet and smoky. And... HELL YEAH! 😱This is a damn tasty apple tobacco custard. I’m really happy how these ingredients work so harmoniously together.

The apple is present in the top and base notes while it comes in a very dirty essence carried by the Ruyan Custard that forms a cloak around all the other components. Hidden deep in the base note and providing a wonderfully pleasant farewell - demanding a reunion - is the combination of the two high-class custards.


  • PUR Country Apple provides the perfect baked-in apple flavor.

  • WF Vanilla Ruyan Custard provides a dirty RY4 esque and vanilla base note.

  • FLV Turkish Tobacco sits on top of the Ruyan and supports the dirty tobacco note just flawlessly.

  • INW Custard + FA Premium Custard is the perfect combination to give that vape a well rounded custard bottom baseline that lingers even some minutes after the last hit.

Testing Notes

Developed on Hadaly RDA. (DL, 27-32W, 0.25 Ohm, VV Fine Fused Clapton Ni90)


If you wanna check out VAPEDIA feel free to join our discord channel. We‘re a German DIY community but we do have an international channel for english speakers too:

ok so this one is all over the place, but this was one of my first attempts at getting more creative with baccos. has a nice, dark complexity to it in my opinion, gonna be revisiting it soon for changes for sure.


At first glance, a donut with apple-cinnamon filling seems to be an often mixed flavour profile. Apple cinnamon combined with pastry or a cake is very popular and everyone has tried them in some form. Very likely also as an eLiquid. So why did we choose this profile, when it's already so widely used? - Because we wanted to take the profile to a new, never-before-tasted level. This apple cinnamon donut, is one of the best, which is why we are publishing the recipe as the first VAPEDIA community recipe.

The donut was inspired by @SteveTC's "Melon Glazed Donut" recipe. SteveTC used a combination of Cookie (FA), Meringue (FA), Zeppola (FA) and Vanilla Custard (CAP) for his donut. Instead of Meringue (FA) we used Cream Fresh (FA) and optimised the dosage of each flavour.
If you haven't tried "Melon Glazed Donut" yet.... Mix it, you'll love it!

Apple Filling (FLV) already brings a light note of cinnamon. Supported by Country Apple (PUR) and Liquid Amber (FA), the profile of a fruity, cooked apple-cinnamon filling emerges, which harmoniously subordinates itself to the taste of the donut.

This recipe is a joint product of VAPEDIA - German DIY eJuice community
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/zgkx7yT

The following DIY Mixers were involved in the project:

SteveTC https://alltheflavors.com/users/SteveTC
KrawaCabana https://alltheflavors.com/users/KrawaCabana
VIVA VAPE https://alltheflavors.com/users/VIVAVAPE

Ein Donut mit Apfel-Zimt Füllung scheint auf den ersten Blick ein oft gemixtes Geschmacksprofil zu sein. Apfel-Zimt, kombiniert mit Gebäck oder einem Kuchen, ist sehr beliebt und jeder hat sie in irgendeiner Form schon probiert. Sehr wahrscheinlich auch als eLiquid. Warum haben wir uns ausgerechnet für dieses Geschmacksprofil entschieden, wenn es doch schon so weit verbreitet ist? - Weil wir das Profil auf ein neues, nie erreichtes Level bringe wollten. Dieser Apfel-Zimt Donut ist einer der Besten, weshalb wir das Rezept als erstes VAPEDIA Community Rezept veröffentlichen.

Der Donut wurde inspiriert durch das „Melon Glazed Donut“ Rezept von SteveTC. SteveTC hat für seinen Donut eine Kombination aus Cookie (FA), Meringue (FA), Zeppola (FA) und Vanilla Custard (CAP) verwendet. Anstatt Meringue (FA) haben wir Cream Fresh (FA) verwendet und die Dosierung der einzelnen Aromen optimiert. Falls du das Rezept noch nicht probiert haben solltest... Mix es, du wirst es lieben!

Apple Filling (FLV) bringt bereits eine leichte Zimtnote mit. Unterstützt durch Country Apple (PUR) und Liquid Amber (FA) entsteht das Profil einer fruchtigen, gekochten Apfel-Zimt Füllung, die sich harmonisch dem Geschmack des Donuts unterordnet.

Dieses Rezept ist ein Gemeinschaftsprodukt der deutschen VAPEDIA DIY eLiquid Community.
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/zgkx7yT

Folgende DIY Mixer waren an dem Projekt beteiligt:

SteveTC https://alltheflavors.com/users/SteveTC
KrawaCabana https://alltheflavors.com/users/KrawaCabana
VIVA VAPE https://alltheflavors.com/users/VIVAVAPE

A Cranberry & Apple Pie finished with a serving of Vanilla Cream, created for the Fresh From the Kitchen monthly challenge (Fall Recipe)

Tested on a Hussar II Rda with a 2.5mm I.D Ni80 Alien @ 39watts

Off the Shake:
I am getting a heavy apple filling with a slight cranberry & pie base with a hint of cream,

Day 3:
After 3 days it has developed its pie base that is buttery thanks to the Flavor Art Apple Pie & Wonder Flavours Shortbread Cookie, the apple filling and cranberry are both presenting themselves, all the spice notes have settled and are currently offering a good spice note to the Mix. The creams are there but still not as pronounced as I intended.

Day 5:
Tested on a Haku Riviera Single 0.2ohm Alien coil @ 48 watts
FA Apple Pie/ WF Shortbread Cookie are giving me a buttery Pie crust, the fruits are where I want them to be with the right amount of spice, the pear & liquid amber are giving me the stewed fruit texture that I am after. The cream is starting to sit into the tail of the vape as intended, however would still like it to be more prominent.

Day 7: The cream is finally present & playing its role in finishing off the pie.

Day 10: Everything has settled into its place and I am getting a nice buttery dessert pie crust with a stewed apple & cranberry filling with a light amount of spice, finished with a serving of a vanilla cream.

Sticky sweet apple filled enchilada with a cinnamon sugar coating and a light cream cheese drizzle.

Recipe break down:
"Sugar Cookie V1 Cap" I'll be using this to add a plain sweet cookie dough with sugar sprinkle.
"Pazzo Burlone Joker" A sweet dough taste to back up the "Deep Fried Pastry Dough SC WF" coupled with some hints of cream to help the "Vanilla Custard Cheesecake OOO" when used low as we will be doing.
"Deep Fried Pastry Dough SC WF" brings that greasy deep fried mouthfeel to our dough.
"Brown Sugar NF" @ 0.25% just to add a little more darkness to the cinnamon sugar coating.
"Country Apple PUR" is well known for that "cooked apple" flavor profile.
"Apple Filling FLV" makes for a perfect cinnamon apple sticky filling to wrap those apple chunks from "Country Apple PUR" in.
"Vanilla Custard Cheesecake OOO" used low @ 0.8% for a perfect cream cheese drizzle dripping down all over the enchilada.

One drop of "Rich Cinnamon FLV" per 30ml to infuse cinnamon to that sugar coating.

The sweetener used is up to you but i would suggest "Super Sweet Cap" between 1 drop per 15ml all the way up to 0.5% depending on how sweet you want it. Personally I use 1 drop per 15ml in most my mixes just to make flavors pop as I find that to much sweetener is just that....too much.

Flavor Notes