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(PUR) Cookie

By: Purilum (PUR) - Buy Direct

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A soft buttery cinnamon cookie that's a little sweet and very tasty.

I don't remember much from childhood. I think I simply killed off many of those brain cells in my delinquent adolescence, but I do have one fond memory that I doubt I'll ever forget.

I remember I was maybe 3 or 4, in pre-school, and my dad had been working odd hours all week so we had barely seen each other at home. This particular day, he didn't have to go in. My mom typically took me to school, but this time my dad offered -- except when we make it to the school, he simply keeps driving his 70s Ford Explorer straight past the drop off area. Confused, I ask him where we're going and he smiles while answering "we're playing hookie!" I'd never heard the term, so that didn't help relieve my confusion at all, but it sounded fun so I went with it.

We went and got some cheap McDonalds pancakes, played some minigolf, and saw a movie for the day.

With the story of quality time spent doing goofy shit with a loving father as inspiration, I'm submitting this as my entry to December's mixers club theme. The theme this month (and last?) is telling a story, and this just felt like the right thing to share. This is a simple, fast food pancake & maple syrup. How about some recipe notes?

FW Waffle + CAP VCC + PUR Cookie + FLV Cupcake batter: This is the pancake. FW waffle does a pretty good job as the foundation here, but to myself and most others it's just not cakey enough. That's where Van Cupcake comes in, except VCC is pretty hefty on the palette and has a strong icing kinda vibe to me for some reason. So I kept it low and helped mellow out some of it's heavy vanilla and icing notes with FLV cupcake batter. Add some soft crumble with PUR Cookie, chose this over FA cookie as it's a bit softer of a cookie IMO.

FA Butterscotch + FA Maple Syrup: These sort of team up with the nice maple notes in FW Waffle to provide a great gooey, buttery syrup without being overpoweringly MAPLE.

FA Joy + CAP LMP: Bit of a twist. My dad nowadays likes to cook his pancakes with a bit of lemon juice in the batter for some sweet zing and almost fries them so they have a really nice crispy ring around the edges. So I tried to include those notes in this, still unsure if they're coming through but I feel like I taste some fried stuff and soft lemon in the background somewhere occasionally.

OFFNOTES: As a certain reddit flavor review put it, FW Waffle can taste like you're just licking a hot iron. I tried to keep it at a respectable but low enough range to avoid this but sometimes I still get a hint of it. If you like slightly burnt pancakes from a cast iron pan, it may not bother you though. Hoping that with time a long steep will help the syrup and cakes blossom enough to cover it up.

It's supposed to be a strawberry wafer. I've been mixing for RTAs recently, so this is made to be used in a single coil RTA (I use a HotCig Centaur). Sub FA cookie in for PUR Cookie if you want, I just ran out.

I like using FA Torrone and Marzipan in lighter cookie recipes because the nougat and slight nutty notes they bring definitely help add a bit of a crunch/snap no matter how light your cookie base is. Here, my cookie base is PUR Cookie (FA Cookie is also an excellent one to use, probably my favorite for any wafer profile) and TFA Graham Cracker. I went with the tried and true TFA Strawberry + Strawb Ripe combo, even though it's difficult for me to taste sometimes. It's just a good strawberry flavor. In order to help keep it apparent in the mix I kept everything else low. Dragonfruit is simply there for its emulsifying properties and to help the strawberry from disappearing on me. I debated using Toasted Marshmallow because I didn't want to introduce too much EM into the mix but it's almost necessary to keep a nice airy wafer profile and fluff up that filling. FA Vienna Cream is also fantastic if you're after a nice fluffy cream filling.

Honestly it's vapeable after about 7-10 days, but for some reason I can't taste strawberries for shit unless they steep for like a month. After about 3 weeks it comes together perfectly and the strawberries and creams turn into that gooey strawberry cream inside of a wafer.

It's a profile that's been done a million times over but nothing ever really hit the spot for me. Although in the ballpark, this still isn't 100% what I want. But that could just be down to how difficult it is for me to taste strawberries.

Just wanted something similar to the profile. This seemed to work. If anyone mixed something similar I'd like to hear their tips


From the moment I smelled Purilum cookie I knew this recipe was going to be simple, It needs 2 weeks for the cream to set up

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