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(PUR) Condensed Milk

By: Purilum (PUR) - Buy Direct

Used in 425 recipes at an average of 1.733%.


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The USPS still hasn't delivered my Not From Concentrate and LIFA Vapes keeps taunting me. I am forced to take things into my own hands by hate mixing something to spite them!

Creamy cold peppermint vape.
This was the last recipe in a round of working with WS-23 30%. After testing the round with friends. This one was the most requested for more.
· LB White Chocolate Peppermint- This is one flavor I fell in love with after purchasing it for holiday recipes. It is very smooth with a great peppermint flavor. It finishes with a lite creamy white chocolate flavor.
· PUR Condensed Milk- Lite on sweetness and weight. Lite smooth milk flavor with no off notes. It mixes well with other milk/cream/chocolate/cheesecake flavors for more depth. You can sub other condensed milks.
· PUR NY Cheesecake- Very silky smooth cheesecake with a nice graham note. I added it to give the mix more weight and a creamier taste with a bit of graham texture/flavor. You can sub CAP NY Cheesecake at 2% but it won't be quite as smooth.
· WS-23 30%- another one I love. Blows Koolada out of the water. Cold/frozen effect without changing the accompanying flavors.
· PUR Super Sweet- Great sweetener and is right there with CAP Super Sweet. It is a tad less sweet than CAP, but does better in cream or bakery recipes IMO. You can sub CAP Super Sweet at the same percentage or TFA Sweetener at 1%
It is great off the shake, but gets creamier after a week.

I was searching for a good Caramel Coffee vape for awhile. After trying PUR Caramel Coffee with Sweet Milk I finally had a direction. It has a good coffee flavor that I didn’t find totally bitter or burnt. The Caramel in it was not completely burnt flavored. The Sweet Cream was there but needed the most help.
•PUR Condensed Milk, FA Meringue, & TPA Vanilla Swirl combo makes it a bit sweeter with a more milked flavor. It also gives it gives it a bit more mouthfeel.
•FW Butterscotch Ripple was an obvious choice to deepen the caramel, make it creamier, and gives more weight.
•WS-23 30% was another obvious choice to make it a cold coffee. (It can be omitted for just regular caramel coffee.)
•CAP Super Sweet to make it sweeter. Adjust the percentage or omit to fit your taste. I add TPA Sweetener at 1% to the 0.50% CAP Super Sweet when I wanted to crank up the sweetness. Yeah I like sugar. Fat boy problems. If using only TPA Sweetener use 1% to start and 2% for the Fat boy version.
•You can use just EM if you are sensitive to sucralose, but I wouldn’t go over 2% and it will slightly mute the flavors.

Off the shake it is ok, vapeable, but is not very creamy and bitter.
•It is ok at a week of steeping, but the coffee is still a bit bitter/burntish.
•At a 2 week steep it is getting better, but needs more time.
•After a 3 week steep it is a lot better. The milks and creams start to come out and the coffee settles down.
•4 weeks is definitely the sweet spot, but to be honest I was at the bottom of the tester bottle by then. With only about 2ml left. Just enough to tell a difference.......then it was gone😢.

If you have more patience than I do it is definitely worth it.

FLV Alpine Strawberry and FLV Graham Cracker= EFlavorBags concentrates (they wouldn't pop up in ATF), Could probably sub them out with similar FLV flavorings or other flavorings if you wanna mess with the percentages you could use others.

Additionally I add: 2-3 Drops CAP Super Sweet per 30ml and 2 drops FW Cake Batter Dip per 30ml.

FLV Poundcake is definitely the star of the show here and I pushed it up to 4% to get that coconut flavor to come to the front. Poundcake is one of FLV's less strong and more forgiving flavors and it works well this high (never taken it higher though)
CAP Vanilla Custard V1 is my cheat code for super sweet thick rich vanilla, I love the flavor and mouthfeel when combined with cakes and cookies. The Poundcake and Vanilla Custard create a great dense vanilla and coconut flavor that tastes like those little shreds of coconut that come in Mounds bars or the stuff you get at WinCo. With the addition of CAP Vanilla Cupcake, it's just a really good profile that you can use for just about anything that goes good with vanilla and coconut.
PUR Condensed Milk is a phenomenal flavor, if you haven't tried it I urge you to get some.
SBF Graham Cracker is my favorite graham cracker flavoring of them all, it's very true to it's name and you don't need much. A little goes a long way. I used it at 2% because I wanted that rough graham note to power through all the lighter cakes and to work with the CAP VC to give that DAAPy thickness we all love.

Inbox me and let me know what you guys think!

Other suggestions: CAP Sugar Cookie, TFA Strawberry Ripe, Coconut flavors (if the coconut note in the Poundcake just isn't enough, LB Lava Cake, CAP Lemon Meringue, and a tad bit of Yellow Cake. I've tried most of those in there and it's pretty much always good (as long as you don't go overboard) but I'm most pleased with the SBF Strawberry.


I used FA Custard Premium and not the regular custard.

This recipe in no means taste like the Ultramel custard we know in South Africa. Also this is still a work in progress unless you believe its good as is. Anyway what I can say is, is that this is by far the best custard vape I've ever had. I've tried Kreeds and 3rdWorld custard but they dont do it for me. I hope you guys enjoy this one.

Rumblepup Steam Elixir's Cielo is a ridiculously good juice. It is a Cuban-inspired Tres Leches with pear and orange. This is really just a shadow of what the original brings to the table. It was a flavor that I could not put down. Rumblepup's entire line is unique, tropical deliciousness. This was the standout, in my opinion.

I tried to balance the fruit and creams to make a suitable remix that hit similar notes to the original . . . but, by all means, go grab a bottle of this from Rumblepup. I doubt you will regret it. He is an extremely mindful mixer and, as far as I know, does not use sweeteners in his juice.


Super simple Fruit Loops recipe. Love the profile but most Fruit Loops flavors miss the mark. I wanted a super simple one that didn't taste of lemon pledge or consist of 10+ flavors.

FW Fruit Rings - Best Fruit Loops flavor I've tried. Not overly lemon but a great and authentic cereal flavor. I'm not a huge fan of FW in general but they knocked this flavor out of the park; puts TFA's version to shame. This flavor has that sugar coating we all use FA Meringue for but lacks in the dry cereal flavor.

FA Breakfast Cereal - A really good Kix type dry cereal. This one isn't as "dark" as Cap Cereal 27 but this flavor excels with the lighter dry cereal flavor with no cardboard notes. FA did a really good job with this flavor. Brings the dry cereal notes that FW Fruit Rings is lacking.

PUR Condensed Milk - I really only added this to bring a light milk flavor to the profile as most people prefer it with a milk flavor. The original one I made didn't have this in it and it was still awesome. I wanted to keep it to one more flavor so I chose PUR Condensed Milk to fill that roll. This brings a light milk flavor but it does the job. You can feel free to completely omit this flavor or add your prefered milk base but this flavor is worth picking up.

Give this 3-5 business days to sit as FA Breakfast Cereal needs some time to make the mix crispy. If you don't the flavor will not really be there and the mix will taste lacking. The lemon flavor from the Fruit Rigns calms down a bit also.

Sweet creamy version of Tiger's Blood,.

You can add 1% Polar Blast to give it a nice coolness if you like.


Growing up in NYC summers were spent outside from when you opened your eyes till your moms came out looking for you cause you had to eat dinner. We played manhunt, freeze tag, suicide, handball, stickball, football, hockey, basketball , riding bikes and other games we made up.

The Mr Softee knew when we were finished with dinner and came through like clockwork. We could hear that jingle blocks away.
As we got older the mister softee dude started selling us more then just ice cream. Alcoholic slushies and weed.

My go- to off that menu was vanilla ice cream in a cone with rainbow sprinkles for $1.25.

My cone consists of OOO sugar cone and jf biscuit. Standalone sugar cone is spot on to those cheap cones you can get in a box, in a mix its pretty are to get that flavor to shine through. I believe a small amount of jf biscuit helps see it through the mix without turning it TOO buttery.
Tfa vbic pur condensed milk and flv van bean do a great job of making a thick, rich, and sweet ice cream. Such a good combo that i recommend ppl try out. Flv vanilla bean works alot like vanillin. You cant taste it alone it doesnt have a base but can really enhance other vanillas that might already be in the recipe.
Fw sprinkles is great if you are tryin to add a funfetti element to your cakes. Here there is nothing off about it.. added sweetness a bit of chalkyness. Another light flavor thts why i had to crank it up to achieve the results i wanted. It kinda reminds me of cake too much but its still delicious.
Give this a try and id live any feedback..my wife says she even feels like a coolant going on here..but she be buggin. Any1 get that?

Yellow frosted cake served with vanilla ice cream.


I love vaping cakes almost as much as I love eating them. OoO golden sponge is a wonderful cake concentrate IMO. Its is a moist and very dense plain cake that has no off notes and very easy persuaded in any direction you so please. Great mouthfeel but maybe even a lil too plain thats why i added some Cap sugar cookie and flv frosting to kinda sweeten it up.

Hashsling on the discord was talking about how he ran out of holy vanilla and was tryna figire out what flavors were in there. I believe he is onto something with it being mostly bourbon vanilla and cream cheese icing, amongst other things. This ingredient was already in this recipe but this kinda made me understand why holy vanilla alongside flv frosting would create such a delicious vanilla frosting.

Vanilla Ice Cream

My favorite ice cream tfa vbic, but that would have been too easy no?. Been loving the combo of milky cream and condensed milk in any milk based cream im trying to create.

Added some Polar blast for that cold ice cream feel.

Im really diggin this recipe and i hope you guys do as well. Their is definetly complexity but still straight forward enough that it doesnt distract from the profile. Its simply cake and ice cream :)

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