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(PUR) Chocolate Cherry

By: Purilum (PUR) - Buy Direct

Used in 5 recipes at an average of 2.4%.


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The 1-2-3 recipe craze has caught my attention and I thought it was past time that I got on board with this. IMO it's a healthy craze for mixing that I credit ID10T for getting it rolling. It makes us think about recipe consolidation (using less to make more). This is a profile that I was originally thinking about using at least 6 different concentrates to make but with this method I have found a way to define the flavour and reduce steeping time by only using 3 concentrates. TBH I don't think I could of created a better tasting Cherry Ripe Ice=Cream using more flavors in this instance. It's perfect off the shake and will only get a little better after a few days!
Why did I use what I did?
The PUR Chocolate Cherry is gorgeous, it offers the subtle cherry the while the milk chocolate is smooth when I SF tested at 2%. However I was adding a cream in using LB Vanilla Ice Cream at 3% and I knew that would smooth out that Choc Cherry a bit hence I chose to slightly up the PUR CC by .5% to 2.5%. The LB Ice-cream is a beautiful creamy Ice cream that doesn't take long to steep like many others and IMO is the easiest Ice Cream concentrate currently available. The VT Desiccated coconut completes the cherry ripe feel of this recipe by offering not only the little bit of coconut texture but a pleasant hint of coconut through the middle of this recipe. This has to be the best shake and vape easy recipe I have made to date. I hope you enjoy this as much as I am enjoying vaping the wick dry with this recipe. Let me know what you think so we can all learn from each other if you mix this, because
"Together, Let's Discover!"

You can see me create this recipe here: https://youtu.be/EBjf6xko6H8?t=30m56s

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