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(PUR) Cheesecake Graham

By: Purilum (PUR) - Buy Direct

Used in 41 recipes at an average of 2.225%.


5 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

That's right Strawberry cheesecake jellybeans the first time I had these I went right home to work on this recipe give it a mix and comment tell me what you think...

A cheesecake factory style N.Y cheesecake tons of flavor thank me later..😤

oh this is yummy! I did use my favorite trio of strawberry orange and nana together with some creams and flv custard because there very little steep time. give it a mix. it's delicious! you could add a touch of ws or flv ice for some cooling effect. let me know how you like it ty. happy Valentine's day❤

I love this trio of cheesecakes! they go so fabulous together! I wanted a little extra creaminess like my mom's cheesecake so I added the bavarian cream with flv frosting for a touch of sweetness and a hint of caramel toffee. oh this is so delicious!! it's my number one right now. definatly give this a try if you like cheesecakes.

you can also add your favorite fruits in here.


I was testing out the Purilum Cheesecake flavours and came up with this delicious creamy cheesecake. This is pretty straight forward, and the flavours don't need much explaination. I added Devon Cream to add a tasty, thick whipping cream to the cheesecake. All these flavours require about a weeks steep to come together.

Flavor Notes