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(PUR) Banana

By: Purilum (PUR) - Buy Direct

Used in 52 recipes at an average of 2.406%.


10 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found


First recipe I've published in a while. I guess I'm kinda back, recipes will be spaced out a lot more than once a month like I used to. I'll probably shoot for 4/year.

First things first, I'm mixing this up after trying Toasted by @MrBurgandy and I hope you don't mind me throwing my spin on it. I really enjoyed Toasted, but for my taste I wanted something a touch different. Cinnamon Sugar mixed into a bowl of Corn Flakes with banana's in milk sounds phenomenal. Since I'm currently on a Keto diet I can't eat it, so I want to vape it.

So I started with the Cinnamon part. Cap Cinnamon Sugar with FLV Cinnamon Crunch just went so well in one of my favorite dessert recipes:
So I decided to give it a go here to give me that cinnamon toast crunch type cinnamon flavor while adding a touch of graininess.

The Cereal 27 base is great for my cornflakes base, but I decided to crank it up a tiny notch by adding some of FA corn. I wanted to add a touch of savory to this recipe and the FA Corn just did it so well when mixed with Cereal 27.

Pur Banana is such a great real banana flavor and you don't get any of that runts taste.

I used the Marshmallow to give it some additional sweetness.

The OOO Creamy Underpants + FA Milk combo with FW Hazelnut as a bit of an emulsifier just work wonderfully. It gives you a nice creamy drizzle of milk. If you don't have FA Milk, which is likely, you could probably crank up the Creamy Underpants and ditch the hazelnut.

Straight forward Banana-Coconut vape.

This is my first stab at the whole 1,2,3 category of recipes. FA Florida Key Lime and FLV Sweet Coconut were both new flavors that I had not used yet, and knowing both flavor brands, assumed they would be a good fit with the percentages. I admit the profile pretty much came off the top of my head talking with ID10-T in the diy discord.

PUR Banana is creamy, ripe, and fresh. You won't find any shitty runts flavor in this one (unless that's what you like. I won't judge).

FA Florida Key Lime is great because I've previously used TFA Key Lime in my recipes, but it needs help and a steep as its quite harsh right off the mix and needs help from more Lime and some sweetener. Luckily FA FKL can stand on its own, and seems like it would be a great fit in any drink recipes.

FLV Sweet Coconut made me like coconut vapes. And I actually think it made me like IRL Coconut as its bothered me in the past. I'm not even sure how that's possible. I've had it some other folks' juices before, so I knew it was good. GTFO FA Coconut and TFA Coconut Extra. But it tastes like an accurate Coconut, and its a bit creamy as well.

You definitely taste the creamy banana and coconut on the inhale more so than the Lime. But the Lime comes in at the end. I'm most impressed by the way the coconut and banana have kind of melded into a mash or a pudding, for lack of a better word. I would give it 4-5 days for the Key Lime to mellow out. If you dig the tropical style juice, or even remotely like coconut, try it out.

This is a Remaster of one of the first multi-faceted recipes i made and is the first success i ever had.

i wasn't chasing any specific profile with it i just threw a bunch of flavours i liked together and kinda hoped for the best.
this profile very quickly turned into my all day vape and is still my go to when i don't feel like anything in particular.

Banana cheesecake and ice cream

A Scrumptious Banana Cheese Cake. Ive found this to be very good after 10 days but feel it could be better with more steep time

A refreshing ice cream spider with banana ice cream and a hint of coconut.

I got my inspiration for this recipe from fond childhood memories of enjoying ice cream sodas on hot afternoons and the smooth creamy coolness of a scoop of ice cream floating in the sweet tangyness of my favourite soft drink.


I took @enyawreklaw 's "unfinished" MILK BY THE POUND and added. Turned out to be bomb. ENJOY

Just like Grandma used to make, that Banana cream pie that made it to every special occasion. That rich Banana filling crispy and delicate flaky crust, topped off with that thick whipped styled cream..... Mmmmm mmmmmm

Fried bananas are a popular dessert and snack food in Thailand and throughout Southeast Asia. The dish is more often known as goreng pisang in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and surrounding countries.When I was a Young Marine out on deployments to the orient i would love to stop and indulge in this simple but delicious snack while on liberty in Singapore... Brings back Nostalgic feelings ... I hope you all enjoy this mix as much as i do ... My Inspiration besides the Nostalgia was to bring something different to the community and inspire others to think outside the normal things we mix .....agian enjoy

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Just Like Grandam Used to make, That Delectable Banana Cream Pie that showed up at every special Occasion.........MMMmm MMmm and Just in time for those Upcoming Holidays ....

Okay ...these flavor choices where thought out and i was trying to be as authentic as i possibly could to achieve an actual BCP in an E juice form......

I chose PUR and DF Banana's as my fruitstone
The PUR Banana has been the best and most pronounced (Authentic) Banana i have tried to date it has the Smell and taste of a ripe sweetened Nana , with the Delosi Banana running a close 2nd for its feel and mild ripeness..

I then chose to pair TPA Bav cream with with DF Custard for my Pudding along with FLV sweet coconut to brighten up and livin the pudding banana melody.

to round it all out i chose INW Biscuit,FA joy and FA Zeppola as my Pie dough/crust..these 3 flavors gave this recipe a very good pie crust with that baked crust note ......

I made every effort to stay between 1% and 5% on my flavor choices trying diligently to stay in that field of percentage ranges to keep the overall flavor %'s low while still achieving my end flavor....

Remember always steep your juices for better flavor......... recommended steep 7 to 14 days

I hope all who try this recipe truly enjoy it ..Keep it simple and Vape on ........


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