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(PUR) Arctic Mint

By: Purilum (PUR) - Buy Direct

Used in 15 recipes at an average of 1.494%.


4 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

A bright vibrant tropical creamy mix with a touch of cooling - as I wanted to have a mix to take on vacation .

Sweet gauava is used as a top note and emulsifier for the very sweet melon notes

Cantaloupe and honeydew add the base sweet notes for this fruit blend . LB honeydew has a bit of creaminess that comes out at higher % and it works well with the LB rainbow sherbert. it is also plays nice with other fruits and does not overpower them. You can pick these up on the exhale

Suagr loaf pineapple is a sweet and tart almost candy pineapple which works well in the middle bringing the top notes of the guava and the base sweet notes of the melons together
rainbow sherbert is added for some more of the ice creamy texture along with more orange citrus notes

ADD IF YOU WANT: I really enjoy mint with some fruits and wanted to add a mint coolness here arctic chill borders on a sweet mint with a touch of menthol it is not needed . Desiccated coconut adds a nice sweetness at the finish but it not needed

Add sweetner to taste
NOTE this recipe was inspired by Waynes mix Heat https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/107762#live_mixing_the_heat_by_enyawreklaw

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I love the OG Arnold Palmer Iced tea so decided to give it a hipster twist. The base of this mix are the Lemonade(LA) and Sixx mixx wild strawberry tea. The tea has a green tea base that is just lovely not overly earthy or musky - just a nice solid green tea with backnotes of strawberry and papaya . LA leomonade with a little bit of the lemon Sicily just taste like sweet true lemonade Also I did not want the lemon to be a bully in this mix but to sort of blend in with the other fruits and tea .

Em was added to add a slight note of natural sweetness and soften some of the edges

Pink guava to me is a flavor that can change based on the other fruits / flavors in the mix. In this case it seems to bring out sweet strawberry and papaya which is exactly what I wanted

Dragonfruit was added as an emulsifier and for some more of the "red fruit flavor" notes

Golden syrup for that sweet dark honey type of note

artic mint for a bit of minty coolness for a summer time beverage

is a solid shake and vape but hits its sweet spot at 3 - 5 days
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So I took one my favorite OG MTL flavor profiles and updated it . it is a fun refreshing sweet vibrant mix, ideal for low wattage restricted airflow devcies

Lime cordial VTA is a sweet thick syrup type of lime flavor, as soon as I tested it I thought SLUSHIE or lime lollipop!!! it almost seems to have a slight creaminess and does coat your mouth. Works great as a the main profile for a lime slushy. NOTE it does fade over time - so you may want to add another more authentic lime

Galla Melon is a honeydew /cantaloupe profile and provides the fleshy body middle note for the lime to sit on top of

The cucumber adds a wetness and juiciness to this that is noticeable on the back end. it does have a bit of a sweetness that almost seems like a banana note to me which I am noticing in several of the VT flavors, but I like it in this mix . This is another flavor that tends to fade and change over time. ( Note if you use FA cucumber it will add a more savory note that will stand out much more on the exhale then VTA in this mix )

Artic mint I just love this flavor for this type of application. it is the prefect combination of coolness / menthol and mint with out being over the top. there is some room for this to go up to higher if you want to really have that cooling mint effect stand out. This does come through at the back end with the cucumber .

Sweetner once again that is your taste, the lime cordial and cucumber have some sweetness - but I really liked the additional sweetner for MTL/PODs

This mix can also be used in a MTL or low wattage tank

And yet again the weather calls for snow this weekend - I am so wanting warm weather and nothing says summer to me like an ice tea blended juice beverages. So this is my take on one of my favorites. A Rooibos, Ginger, fruit and mint Iced Tea. Rooibos is not actually a tea leaf but an herb native to South Africa and when harvested and dried can be brewed into a reddish-brown herbal infusion. Some of the flavors that you can get from it are sweet, woody, grassy, vanilla, floral, geranium, honey, herbal and caramel

I used the Red tea from FLV for the Roobios tea base. That is what I get from the red tea a pretty accurate Roobios tea.

FLV hibiscus, brings the fruit and the tea together and adds a slight citrus note to this mix.

Then I wanted to add some bright fruit top notes to infuse with the tea. - FA white peach and VT shisha peach - which is a pretty solid full ripe yellow peach. . (A dash of lemon/ lemonade is also a nice addition but at a very low percent)
The ginger is a nice spcie / earthy base note .

The golden syrup provides that sweet honey mouth feel.

The dash of artic mint provides that hint of mint with cooling on the exhale barely noticeable.

Sweetner if you want - I like a sweet tea

This benefits from a steep for these flavors to blend together to make a fruit tea infusion beverage 5 - 7 days

Flavor Notes