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Ok, I made this a long time ago, but honestly couldn't stand it. I blame the LA Watermelon, because I like every other flavor I used.
Anyhow, CRanberry-APple-watermelON (Crap-on), with enough cooling to consider this ice. So Crap on Ice. Which describes the Habs. (Yeah, I'm a Leaf's fan. Fite me.)
So, anyhow... while I can't stand it, at least one of my testers loves this stuff, so I figured I'd include it.

As always, cooling agents to taste, but this is meant to be icy.

The name says it all.
note on cooling agents: these levels assume you've built up a tolerance. It's meant to be brain-freeze cold, but not lethal. Tone it down if you regularly vape uncool juices.

Like Strap-on, only with flavors I like. Many variants should be possible. Several are in development.

Note: cooling is really to taste, I usually use a blend of WS-3, WS-23 (@30%) and WS-5. Since the last doesn't exist in the database...

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