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Not much to say, deep and cold syrupy grape.
FW Grape Soda is not natural at all, but Sweet Currant makes it less candied by adding juiciness and tartness, with a fantastic deep flavor.

I just swapped the sweetener and watermelon flavor.

Description from original:
Lushice was the very first recipe I tried to make/clone, as it was one of my favourite eliquids before DIY. I went through about 10 different watermelon concentrates and none of them really lived up to any of the premium watermelon eliquids I had tried. Watermelon has kindof been my white whale, but iv finally nailed the profile with purilum watermelon (and also delosi watermelon in my other recipes)

This clone is simple, but surprisingly accurate. It tastes exactly how I remembered it, however maybe a little less sweet so as not to ruin my coils. Ideally sweetener should be at 1%.

If you havnt gotten PUR watermelon yet id highly recommend it, its the best candy watermelon out there hands down, much better than Lorann's. Delosi watermelon is also amazing and very versatile, as it can be used both in candy recipes and as a natural watermelon. Check out my strawkiwi-malone recipe for a banging watermelon jolly rancher profile, using delosi watermelon.

Peachy Ginger with some hot and cold touch


Nice fruity sweetness meets spicy ginger. Refreshing for hot summer days.

Trying to mix unusual but not too unfamiliar ingredients into a well balanced, fruity-spicy flavor experience.


  • VTA Ginger Root Pretty authentic ginger flavour. I especially like it in drinks as part of a ginger beer.

  • FA White Peach Damn, what a lovely peach!

  • CAP Super Sweet Adds some spotlight onto the peach.

  • FLV Heat 5 drops / 10ml add the heat to make the VTA Ginger Root even more authentic

  • WS-23 5 drops / 10ml bring some freshness to support the peach - also works well in combination with Heat

Additional Notes

  • Possible changes in dosage: Some people might want to add more WS-23 or Super Sweet. Take care when trying more Heat!*

Testing Notes

*Developed for DL on Hadaly (handmade single coil (Alien), 0,2 Ohm, SS316L) and Aromamizer Supreme V3 (dual coils, 0,1 Ohm, NiCr90) *


If you wanna check out VAPEDIA feel free to join our discord channel. We‘re a German DIY community but we do have an international channel for english speakers too:

Just a coconut Malibu rum and cola give it about 2-3 day steep for the flavors to settle in.

Well this all started when I bought 500ml of Orange Pineapple from River Supply, had to find something to do with it. After over a dozen attempts to make a citrus soda, I came up with this and I think it worked out pretty darn good. If you have these two flavors, please give it a try and tell me what you think. Googled the name and came up with this photo, makes me think a wee bit of cactus might also be a juicy good idea...enjoy :)


I have loved Pink Guava since my first test, one of my favorite flavors from Flavorah.
I first got to know Wintergreen through Flavorah's Root Beer flavor. Since then, I've been experimenting with different combinations. And then, of course, I wanted to try other Wintergreen flavors.


In combination, Pink Guava and Wintergreen make a wonderfully fruity and refreshing mix for me, rounded off with some WS-23 for more coolness, perfectly fitting in the summer.

Additional Notes

Feel free to add more WS-23 depending on your taste. For me, a subtle freshness is enough.


If you wanna check out VAPEDIA feel free to join our discord channel. We‘re a German DIY community but we do have an international channel for english speakers too: https://discord.gg/FuCSeKw

SnV approved


A Simplified and better version Of my Camp Tigerclaw on Steroidz (Which is a apple slushy lemonade) derived from Camp tigerclaw by @concreteriver

A summer time monster melon mash up, sweet and refreshing with a nice chill effect from the Chefs additive WS-23 30% dilution.

The Fuji FA adds a little body to the recipe plus sweetness without distracting you from the melons.

Sweet Candy Cap is the overall winner in this mix a solid addition rounds off the harsher notes I'd noticed in other versions.

And the Marshmallow vanilla just fluffs everything up nicely adding to the sweetness

Imported from my account: @Johnny2Vapes

I was thinking back upon the times I used to drink Cream Sodas, and having Italian Sodas from CPK. I thought hey why not add mango to this mix? I love mangos especially mango juice. So here we are, a mango cream soda with a refreshing bit of cool to it.

WF Island Mango is a really excellent mango and really does a great job at capturing the sweetness and flavor to a very ripe yellow mango. FLV Mango is yet another excellent one and adds the body of the fruit without the common overwhelming chese notes. VTA Shisha Mango is sweet yet has a bit of sour bite which is perfect for rounding off the fruit and giving it a bit of acidity to it.

VT Creaming Soda is the real player here and is quite phenominal for a cream soda base. I used it here at 1.5% as I didn't want to overwhelm the mix with notes of vanilla.

Now mangos are pretty naturally sweet fruits, and I wanted to replicate that profile especially since a cream soda is sweet on its own. I didn't want any off notes or muting so I settled for FW Sweetener and used it at 0.4% here just to give it a touch of sweetness since WF Island Mango is already sweet enough.

Lastly two drops of WS-23 or 0.25% provides just enough coolness to the mix to give it that nice iced finished without overtaking the whole mix.

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I have making it. Please feel free to rate and comment it.

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