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Lemon meringue ice cream with a small dusting of shortbread cookie crumbs. Inspired by a supermarket new range and the fact that I'm not a massive fan of bakery recipes. The creamy sourness from the creamy Greek yoghurt gives the lemon a push to the forefront whilst adding creaminess to the ice cream.

Shot at the blue jolly rancher hard candy.

The raspberry I am using is FA Raspberry and is the main note with the FW Hard Candy next. The FLV boysenberry levels out the rasp and the ethyl makes it candy. I did not used to add any sweetener but it does make it better.

Might need to tweak the percentages but the flavors won't change.

This my first mix that turned out good enough to share. Almost everyone who has tried it, says they like it. It is very simple but work really well. I have tried adding other raspberry to it but the FA takes the cake.

Andromeda is my newest installment of my Fruit from the Stars line of e-liquid. The flavor profile is an exotic blend of deep, bold lychee, mouth watering guava, and juicy, tangy orange. These three are all balanced beautifully with lychee being right up front. The guava carries all the flavors underneath. The orange is that heavenly bridge between the lychee and guava that just REALLY seals the deal on this whole thing. I hope you guys find this as addicting as I do!

And please remember to give me constructive criticism if you have any issues with the recipe :)

This Maybe-A-Sangria. Im not sure because I've never tried sangria, but damn this stuff is tasty, fruity, and ADDICTING. I haven't tried it yet, but adding some WS-23 or some koolada might make it even tastier. I don't think many people like to drink their wine warm.

My mix for this weeks profile. Tasty funnel cake.


Tarta de limón con merengue, receta muy fiel a la original "Dinner Lady".

Kiwi strawberry all you could all for and more. Berry good

Strawberry watermelon found online. Simple and easy to do and follow.

This is a fruity cereal vape combining Fruit Loops and Apple Jacks with a couple other fruits and sweet cream to hopefully act as the milk since that’s the closest thing I have to it right now I think. Again please let me know what you think

This is a watermelon, grape, boysenberry, candy corn recipe. Let me know what you think

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