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This recipe was created on/for Interactive Mixing on the Diydownunder network. This Blue Raspberry mix was created for menthol episode. Please adjust cooling % to taste

For when you're feeling stuffy, and want your sinuses to clear up no matter what. Careful; if you're not a fan of menthol, or not used to menthol, cut the percentages in half. This will punch you in the throat. The Aloe just adds a little bit of juiciness and tames the astringent flavor of the Eucalyptus w/ Mint.

This is a melon fruit vape created on Mixing With Me Mates it is sweet,cool,and refreshing.

For all you adventurous vapers out there, I have brought out da FIRE!!!

This is my first original mix, though I use the term "original" loosely. It is heavily inspired by The Best Damn Loveless Orange Milk by matthewkocanda. His recipe has been one of my ADVs since I started mixing a few months ago. This week, though, I have a head cold complete with sinus congestion and a sore throat. That means it's time for me to be vaping menthol. It didn't take me long to run out of what I had on hand, but I remembered I had picked up some 10% menthol with my first batch of flavors. This would work just as well, and very possibly better, with koolada, but menthol was what I had.

I decided to try my hand at one of my favorite things from childhood that I can no longer enjoy because I got the diabeetus: Orange Julius. I altered the ratios of matthewkocanda's Orange Milk, added in some Vanilla Whipped Cream and menthol, and completely forgot to use the Vienna Cream that was in the original recipe.

An Orange Julius is much more of a frozen orange juice rather than a proper orange cream flavor, so I have the total orange flavoring at a higher ratio than the total cream flavoring. The honeysuckle and hazelnut are holdovers from the original recipe. I tried to have the orange at the front with the other flavors holding it up rather than blending into a secondary note in and of themselves. The menthol adds a touch of coolness. I could probably go higher with that, but I don't really want a minty note, so I think when/if I get around to mixing v.2.0 I try to have some koolada for that instead.

At the time I'm writing this, it's only been one day since I mixed this up, so I haven't tried it after a steep yet. So far it's good as a shake 'n' vape. Good, but I wouldn't say great. I mixed it at max VG. I would love feedback on this.

a few drops of youjelly from chefs flavors. 1-3 drops per 10 ml.

The licorice is actually from One On One flavors, but could not find it on the list.

Flavor Notes:
The menthol gives a refreshing cooling effect.
All the fruits mixed with menthol gives a summer vape with plenty of fruity notes.
The gummy bear and zeppola gives texture and a touch of candy delight.
Energy drink gives fizz and a hint of sourness without overpowering the recipe.

DEAD HOOKER is an attempt to fill a gap in the diy community. For the guys and girls who are just starting out in the world of diy E juice I bring you a ranger of recipes that aim to use as few different brands of flavouring as possible without sacrificing flavour. When I first started mixing I struggled to make any of the highly rated recipes as it would have cost me a fortune to order the flavours I needed from different retailers, all with there own postage costs. I appreciate that this may not be an issue depending on where in the world you live.
I wanted to create a range of classic flavours that you could recognise from there shop brought counterparts, but 100% better. I hope you enjoy my Dead Hooker range and keep your eyes open for more to come.

A well balanced classic recipe of ice apple. A combination of flavour arts Stark and Fuji apple to give a vivid apple flavour.
Cap pear to moisten the vape and soften the apple on the exhale.
TPA kiwi giving the apple a sharp inhale.
The combination of Cap pear and TPA kiwi create an amazing experience.

Menthol can be substituted for another ice or menthol flavour but adjust the percentage accordingly.


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