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Shot at the blue jolly rancher hard candy.

The raspberry I am using is FA Raspberry and is the main note with the FW Hard Candy next. The FLV boysenberry levels out the rasp and the ethyl makes it candy. I did not used to add any sweetener but it does make it better.

Might need to tweak the percentages but the flavors won't change.

This my first mix that turned out good enough to share. Almost everyone who has tried it, says they like it. It is very simple but work really well. I have tried adding other raspberry to it but the FA takes the cake.

This recipe came from subbing caps VC in kreeds kustard a little while back which turned out great, i wanted to keep that super custard taste with some fruit added in and whilst testing FE strawberry i decided... Yes thats what im looking for.

Credit goes to Mr Kreed for his legendary custard mix, id add a link but cant seem to find the recipe or an account for him on the platform.



It’s a fruity Cereal Bar with a hint of cream,
the Fuits are ForrestFruits, so I decided to put in Boysonberry(CBV) at 0.5% for the Rasp/Blackberry’s
and Shisha Strawberry.
In case you got no CBV BB, replace it with FLV.

It get its cereal crunch from the HornedToffe and the AP.

Till now it only misses the Chocolate....


Freshly baked cookies and a glass of full fat milk.

First off the milk, using vta fresh milk as the main component to build off. It carries that nice dairy note and doesnt have alot of body much like actual milk but didnt make for a very satiafying vape alone. In comes fa creme fresh, this builds on the dairy notes and brings in a little more thickness to make the milk more noticable and flv milk and honey seems to bend the milk somewhat to sit better with the cookie.

Using mb cookie bite as the main cookie and at 5% carries all thats required from it with the milk masking the floury like mouthfeel i get from. Added jf biscuit to add more cookie punch as couldnt crank up the cookie bite with out that flour note creeping in.
Steeping recommended to allow the milk to shine through


A nicely layered thick and creamy vanilla custard.
Inw custard bring in the eggy notes and the custard like body with ooo vanilla custard cheesecake adding some vanilla and mouthfeel.
Ssa ice cream vanilla is a great creamy vanilla that helps this mix stand out out with flv vanilla bean helping to lift a nice sweet vanilla and fw yellow cake giving this that extra push through the creams.
Sweetener is optional

After speaking to some other mixers i was oblivious to any simularaties between this and another popular recipe, appologies for any confusion or misunderstandings. I want to make it clear that Golden Shower is my own work and in good faith have added the link below for another great custard recipe πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š



This is a sweet fluffy strawberry cake, using WF Fluffy White Cake as the main base i find its accurate to the profile and packs plenty of puch at this %. SSA Ice Cream Vanilla helps lift the cake by providing some bright vanilla and dairy notes whilst WF Butter Cream Frosting bring in some sweet icing and buttery notes to the cake - Marshmallow vanilla works its magic by some what helping to bind it all together i find, rounds the edges and adds to the fluffy mouthfeel.
The strawberry combo here is pretty awesome - WF Juicy strawberry needs no intro and SSA Strawberry ripe is very bright and lifts the whole profile to a fluffy strawberry cake.

Add sweetener to taste. Really needs 21 days steeping, enjoy

Pear Halves with Vanilla Ice Cream and Cookie crumble topped with Caramel sauce and some boozy Bourbon.
Best after 7 days.

This recipe took me about 2 months until I got it where I wanted it to be. Here in Switzerland there's a product called "Energy milk, strawberry" which is a strawberry flavored milk drink. I'd say it gets pretty close to that flavor, the upper notes are a wee bit more sharp and therefore more strawberry like due to FA red touch.

I tried the recipe using different bavarian creams but none did the job quite like CAP sweet cream.

The CAP French Vanilla has been added to boost the CAP VBIC, maybe you can upgrade to a full percent.

Can be vaped as a SNV, the strawberry will be very dominant. Let it steep to get the full flavor range.

V. 0.5: Removed 1% CAP Sweet Cream and added 1% CAP Ripe strawberries

For all the sweet tooth vaping monkeys out there.
You should let it sit for a week to get rid of the edges.

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