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I love 💕 Kahlua and I love 💕Coffee ice cream so I wanted to try and combine the two. Let me know what you think

Coffee and doughnuts any cop would blow off calls for lol.

SAP was OMG yum moment. Then I added custard and it became an OMFG moment. Then it needed a week for the OMFG to come back.

The VC just made every flavor pop. Each is recognizable while being a perfect blend. Used Erythritol instead of Super Sweet to save my coils. If you use super sweet I’d go at least half the amount or less depending on how sweet you like your vapes.

Its been preferred by my household on our Alien 220 mods at 40 to 50 Watts.
Hope you’ll try it and let me know what you think.

This is a super simple, yet stunning mix. DIY Flavor Shack knocked it out of the park with this Li Hing Mui flavoring. It has a nice light floral character with notes of cherry and plum. Naturally, it is the star here. Once I tested LHM it screamed for a pairing with FW Watermelon. The two complement each other so well.

RF Candy Base (The VG version, NOT the SC!) just sweetens the bargain, adds some body, and rounds out this recipe. I prefer this mix a touch sweeter, to really drive home the "candy" feel, hence the Erythritol.

Works well as a shake-n-vape, but 2-3 days allows the flavors to marry and the notes to round off, as with any mix. That's the sweet spot. The RF Candy Base shines through nicely at that point.

Simple fruit mix, that tastes great with out any steeping

CAP Harvest Berry is the main note of this mix, a sweet mixed berry flavor

FA Sour Wizard makes the berries pop and adds a slight sour candy note

FA Polar Blast cools the mix without adding any menthol/koolada flavor to the game

Erythritol is used to punch up the natural sweetness of the Harvest Berry

Starting w Fuji, Ripe Straw and Cinnamon Danish Swirl. Hmmmm. Lets toss a few berries and a little crust and voila...Apple-Berry Cobbler. Strong apple inhale with sweet berries and a light sweet crust on the exhale. Really smooth with a slightly tart aftertaste. Perfect summer evening vape!

60/40 Blend 3mg ( ISLAND VAPEZZ )

For the way you guys talk about JUNGLE FLAVOURS....Sure hope Canada gets a vendor soon.

With the basket ingredients seeming so handcuffing myself into a bakery I decided on a bubblegum. Have been using LA bubblegum for a few months and I actually used it to prep my recipe before my FW bubblegum arrived a week after the contest had started. I played around with FA meringue instead of cap sweet strawberry (wish I could have used both in the end), I decided to keep cap sweet strawberry to support tpa strawberry ripe from being taken over from fa fugi. In fact it may have helped bridge the two fruits together. Tfa Marshmallow I used to help create a stickyness to help with the bubblegum feel. When vaping I get the strawberry and Apple almost blended together on the first and primary note, bubblegum in the middle base note and an almost palate cleansing cinnamon on the after note exhale. Made seven different versions and every time it was either a shake and vape or within 24 hours it was good to go. I really wanted to have the basket ingredients shine in this recipe and not be masked in a full pink bubblegum flavour. Hopefully YA'LL feel the same.

Awesome contest, thanks for the challenge! Thanks to the BB crew and Inthemix! Listening and mixing since March 2016.
Much love,


A fluffy, fruity vape. Inspired by ENYAWREKLAW's Misty.

It's banana puddin'. Keep up.

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