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(OTHR) Citric Acid 10%

By: Other (OTHR)
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Used in 96 recipes at an average of 0.79%.


6 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

Thought i would make a strap on (strawberry, apple, watermelon ) out of my vta flavours it turned out to be a bloody ripper. even tho the watermelon is only .25 it is very forward in the mix.

You can add cooling agent if you like as this is going to be a great summer vape.

You dont have to add the sour mate or citric but i like to throw it in with some fruits.

this is my take on kirks pasito drink.
Kirks is a soft drink manufacturer founded in Queensland, Australia in 1959, popular for their range of flavours including lemonade, creaming soda, and sarsaparilla.
the pasito is one of my favourites a cold can on a hot day is very refreshing basically its a passion fruit soda. as soon as i tasted vape trains passion fruit concentrates i knew they were destined for this. the fizzy sherbert is the soda base and the peach brings a nice sweetness and helps the passion fruit out with out coming through.
feel free to add cooling or sweetener

Delicious blend of berries and blue rock candy. Still a WIP but very close.

This is a wonderful summer vape. A friend of mine wants me to clone "Naked, Sweet Sour". After looking at the bottle & listening to her description, I came up with this recipe. She tasted it & said it has a little more Lime flavor in it from the original but is very good. Tastes like a lemon drop candy to me. Although not a identical clone, Very delicious! Pairs well with any citric drink. Enjoy <3

Some fresh and smooth pomegranate cream

Chocolate ripe pear creme. Steep for 7 days.

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