(OTHR) Acetyl Pyrazine 5%

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Best Strawberry Cream I've ever mixed yet. Gone through 10 iterations and tweaks already and I've vaped almost 1l of this exact recipe and still want more so there's no point in mixin less than 100ml - it's getting through coils too fast to even steep properly :) Heavy on cream side, but strawberry is still pronounced very well. Also has a lot of weight and volume due to 2AP. Rest should be self-explanatory.

Just add 4% of shisha instead of 3 and give up with rest of strawberries.


My reference for this was BFB - Straight Outta The Toaster.

No Description.
No Description.

"A creamy Vanilla Yogurt with fresh and tart Blueberries, topped with crispy Granola."

If you're wanting to drop the VBIC and Sweetener, increase Blueberry Extra to 6 and Cheesecake to 4.5


A Thai themed dessert - saffron, lemongrass and coconut in a corn pudding base.

Inspired by Milk & Honey Clones, a creamy, rich nut vape with subtle banana in the background.

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