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By: One Stop DIY (OSD) - Buy Direct

Used in 10 recipes at an average of 4.7%.


3 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

So, you want to try a decent dessert tobacco (ish) juice, but can't find one that's any good? Well, sounds like you need the 411 on RYs... they're all flawed, tainted by vanilla.
Now, this still isn't really a tobacco flavored juice (try RY411 Tobacco for that. (Hint: it's the same as this, with 2% FLV Red Burley.))

dam i dont know how to give descriptions, im not good at this

This is only 8 days steeped giving another 6 days before i try it. This is version 1, so i know i will be revising this soon to my taste..

****Revised version : I bumped RJ4 .5% to 3% , RY4D .5% upto 1.5% , and bumped Cuban Supreme by .25% to 2.75%...

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