(OSD) Blue Raspberry Slush

By: One Stop DIY (OSD)

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My take on everyone's favorite summer time treat. Please leave feedback and enjoy!

its very nice blue rasberry bubble gum with a nice bright blue raz taste.
live mixing with #Developed


This recipe is pretty basic for me. After hearing @id10-t refer to the new FLV Blue Raz as the best Blue Raz I knew I needed it. I vaped about 2 ml's of it and this idea hit me. Although it is a VERY good blue raz, its incomplete. I think the combo of FLV Sour Apple + WF Sourball candy is a pretty killer tart candy base and that's the purpose it plays in here. I want the tart, but not the apple. I originally didn't have the WF Sour Blue Raz Candy in this and it was very good, but I felt it was missing something. I wanted MOAR blue raz, this was the added touch as it not only helped the tart but rounded out the blue raz. Enjoy

If you really like it sweet, like commercial ejuice kind of sweet, don't be shy on the super sweet (1-1.5%). Add some koolada or WS-23 if you want the cooling effect, personally I like it better without it.

Inspired by the movement to bankrupt hedge funds.
Ape stronger together.

A blue raspberry ice drink. Like a creamy frozen one..

I robbed the VT Persian Lime and FLV Cream idea from DEVELOPED's Gallagher's Ice Pop.


This profile is another first for me. Even though I haven’t finished taking it in the original direction that I intended this is SnV ready.

My 30ml tester didn’t survive very long so I will publish my original idea under another recipe.

OSDIY Slushie is the star here with SSA Raspberry Syrup playing backup to the raspberry profile. It adds a nice touch of depth that I felt was needed to fill out the Slushie.

FLV Ice can be omitted or swapped for your preferred cooling.

My goal was to create a saturated full flavored blue raspberry candy. This nails it.

Solub Arome - Framboise is Raspberry (This is the ingredient that really makes this recipe. If you do not have it, get it. Nom Nomz carries it as Solube Arome Raspberry)

Shake and vape is a go. Really comes together after 3-4 days.

Developed with N80 on the Barrage rda.

Rocket Pop.

CAP Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy was a suggestion from @Sublimeice from the DIY_Ejuice discord. It’s carrying the blue raspberry and adding that “added sugar” feel.

OSDIY Blue Raspberry Slush is dark, sticky, and the bluest shit in the world.

FE Lemon has that lemon drink flavor.

INW Cherry is sticky bright red cherry that turns thick quick.

MB Rocket Popsicle is the glue here. It’s is a one shot that needs help in all departments.

WS-23 isn’t needed, but I’d turns this recipe into a frozen treat instead of a drinking the melted version.

Nice blue razz up front, then it blends into a mix of lime & cherry notes. enjoy! SnV Certified.

WS-23 would be a good option if you want it to have the icy cold feel.


Oops All Berries Cereal with Milk

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