(OOO) Yogurt (Plain)

By: One On One (OOO) - Buy Direct

Used in 8 recipes at an average of 4.0%.


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Shhhhhh! Can you hear them?! The Aliens are back again. They come to divide the people causing confusion and hatred amongst the human race only to consume and deplete every blueberry in existence until no more are left. It took a lot to rebuild the crops and supply since last years attack. Now, there is one bad ass crazy mofo blueberry that will defeat these aliens. Enjoy an amazing “Yogurt Trinity Base” with a nice “Jamming Yummy Blueberry” . Mix, plant and let grow for six days nourishing that Blueberry Crave. Please make sure to use “Plain Yogurt OOO (version 1) and Blueberry VSO (version 1) ”.

I've never eaten anything like this before, but in vape form it works so well. This is a Chai Spiced Yogurt with dried figs and apricots. I wanted FLV Chai Spice as my main note so I felt that 1% was enough to allow the OoO Yogurt/ SSA Sweet Yogurt combo to still push through the mix. This also allowed me to use FA Apricot at a lower percentage of 1% as well. The Apricot is very faint and just a light accent note as I intended. The fig does shine through this mix a bit more @ 2% but not so much that it competes with the Chai or the yogurt base. If you prefer to use a different sweetener or leave it out all together, feel free. I like my SS at a half a percent

Straight up Dannon yogurt with raspberry and boysenberries. Excellent simple mix. This 2 flavor yogurt base combo of ooo and SSA yogurts is one of my favorite yogurt bases that I have come up with. If you try it out, feel free to give me a shout and tell me what you think

I also like to add 1.5% WF Blueberry Jam into his mix for a mixed berry "fruit on the bottom" Dannon yogurt

This mix was designed to showcase Scandinavian fruits in a Dannon (fruit on the bottom) type yogurt. This has a beautiful bright note of blueberries from the VSO Blueberry paired with the mixed berries in Scandinavian Fruits by SSA. I used Plain Yogurt ooo as my main Yogurt base mixed with a little Sweet Yogurt SSA to really boost the sweetness of the yogurt base and give it a little extra zip to the yogurt notes in this recipe. If you like blueberry yogurt vapes, this could be your new ADV

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