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Whipped Cheesecake is by far my favorite kind of cheesecake. I hadn't seen any recipes trying to catch that profile so I decided to make my own and add strawberries to the mix. If you've never had Whipped Cheesecake it's exactly how it sounds, cheesecake and whipped cream mixed together before being added to a crust and chilled. Then a bit more whipped cream is put on top, usually around the edge but sometimes all over. It's lighter and fluffier than regular cheesecake and usually sweeter. INW Yes, We Cheesecake and WF Strawberry Cheesecake are perfect for this when mixed with Cheesecake Graham Crust. The whipped cream part definitely needed TFA Whipped Cream for it's blending ability, WF Whipped Cream Fresh to help the cream body and OoO Whipped Cream because it has the ability to rise above and sit on top. Sweet Strawberry by VT and VT Glazed Strawberries are a must for Strawberry Cheesecake imo. FLV Sweetness was used because it works so well with creams to sweeten them and pump them up.

I'm happy with this mix and I hope you enjoy but I may come back and tweak it a bit from time to time.

Take Your Breath Away with this Lustful Ppoison of Sweet Venom. A Tasty Strawberry Licorice Cream Drizzled with a Realistic Honey & Crisp. Enjoy!

Add sweeter if you are that kinda mixer.... Blah blahhh blahhhhhh blahhhh blahh blabblab blabiddyblab
P.S I vape on a 5 mm 14 strand Celtic single coil on the DROP rda

I used banana pudding as the "base" and added strawberries. If you do not have FA Custard Premium, you can use TFA Vanilla Custard II instead at the same percentage.


A 3-2-1 Strawberry Kiwi Cream. This is as close to an all day vape as I have these days. Shake and Vape, but much better at 3 days. Sweeten to Taste.

I love a good Peppermint vape during the Winter months...

I've since updated the recipe to incorporate some newer flavors that really make this recipe pop.

As it stands this is a very refreshing, creamy, smooth, Peppermint forward eLiquid recipe that I can easily vape all day

  • TPA Peppermint is a much stronger and better tasting Peppermint IMHO - I tried different levels and settled on this as the best, but YMMV. A good substitute would be CAP Peppermint at the same percentages

  • FW Creme De Menthe reinforces and brings longevity to the Peppermint flavor

  • CAP Simply Vanilla adds a very light vanilla creamy note to the recipe

  • OoO Whipped Cream, FA Meringue, and CAP Sweet Cream produces a very full, creamy, and smooth initial exhale to the vape. I really love OoO Whipped Cream

  • OoO Marshmallow (Vanilla) is so nice - it adds a bit more Marshmallow flavor than the prior version, but it is worth it

I found steeping this for 3 days minimum works the best to smooth out the peppermint and raise the cream up

I decided to try my hand at a blueberry waffle after being inspired by @Deftohms' Blueberry Eggo recipe. (Check it out. It's a great recipe by a great mixer!) For some strange reason, I get a clear coffee note from SSA Crisp Waffle, even though I hear it works wonders with LB. Because of that, I needed to try another combo for the waffle.

I settled on LB Belgian Waffle + JF Churro.
JF Churro is there at 1% just to give some crispiness to the edges. Initially, I get a faint cinnamon sugar, but it fades out with the steep.
I guess you can say FLV Blueberry Muffin is part of the waffle base too, because it's used here to make this a clearly baked in blueberry, not just a waffle topped with blueberries. This flavor does really well at giving off that cooked blueberry vibe.

The rest of the recipe is pretty self-explanatory. VT Butter Base, because ... It's a waffle. What monster doesn't put butter on waffles?! VT Blueberry Jam because baked in blueberry isn't enough. OOO Whipped Cream because why not?

Sweeten at your own discretion, but I think FW is the best sweetener to use in this instance.
Please feel free to leave any feedback at all, good or bad! Thanks! 😊

Steep at least a week. It's not horrible off the shake, but it gets a lot better with age.


V2 based on myself, Id10T, Cheeba Steeba, and MLNikon's ruminations on Noted. A strawberry whipped marshmallow cream.
The longer you can stay away from this the better it will be.

A lot going on with this profile, but this turned out tasty off the shake
. The funnel cake needs a little time to come thru

Tested on the Asgard Mini. Dual fused N80 Claptons .20 ohms

Cap Funnel cake with powdered sugar for the base
SSA Ripe banana backed up with VT

Banana custard to also help with mouthfeel and contribute to the frosting consisting of VT buttercream frosting and OOO Whipped cream with some crumble topping to add to the bakery

It's that time of the year. The chill in the air has inspired me to create a nice and creamy Pumpkin Pie recipe.

To create the body of the pie (the pumpkin puree) I used FLV Yam. I think it emulates a pumpkin puree perfectly. It's has a deep and rich flavor with hints of brown sugar. I added FLV Pumpkin Spice to give it even more of a prominent pumpkin flavor. It has hints of nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger spice. I absolutely love this flavor! For the crust I'm using TFA Graham Cracker (Clear) and JF Biscuit. To give recipe more creaminess and body I'm using OOO Vanilla Custard Cheesecake. It taste similar to LorAnn Cream Cheese Icing but with less steep time. Of course you can't have a great pumpkin pie without whipped cream. My favorite whipped cream by far is OOO Whipped Cream. Silky and smooth with an amazing thickness.

Please enjoy and share your feedback!

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