(OOO) Vanilla Wafer

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Week 38 of The Year of Mixing -- This week was French Macarons and I went soft and light in terms of flavors. The honey blends into the base cookie flavors, and the lavender cream layers in right between it. It works okay shake and vape, but it really all comes together after at least a 3 day steep, and really blends fully out after about 10 days. Once the creams smooth out into the lavender that is when it feels like it's steeped out.

I tried to base this recipe on a light chocolate but medium strength Coffee Crisp candy bar.. I did achieve what I set out to complete with the good amounts of both worlds of either a coffee milkshake to a candy bar..

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After the Naughty Banana has struck.. The crowd will be Pink With Envy and wanting more..
This is recipe 2 of the series.

Enter the new age of the Naughty Banana... Where this guy could rock your world or Taste Buds...
WF Banana and MB Soft Banana together will knock your socks off..
The Sugar Cone and Vanilla Wafer will take off the rest...
Vienna Cream and Slight Coconut to do the finishing moves and you are set to have this banana explode in your mouth..

Mixin Vixens -- New Recipe Milk Tart. A blend of delicious creams and crust.

Based off the Voortman Strawberry Banana Wafer..
Nice light refreshing flavor mixture hints of vanilla and wafer..
Super simple mix for many new mixers to try out..


To me this tastes exactly like those cheap strawberry wafer cookies. The OoO vanilla wafer is essential as it really does taste like the vanilla version of the wafers. (if you prefer vanilla, don't add the strawberry) This is a shake and vape.

Good immediately but would probably become richer/more complex over time.
Shake and vape I get those Chinese Almond cookies with the dollop of chocolate in the center, except this is just the cookie.

**I mix low so you may need to double these percentages or increase by 50%

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