(OOO) Strawberry Jam

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Hopefully my goal is to have everyone get Squished by the end of 2021. Everybody needs to get Squished sooner or later. If you haven't got Squished, now is your time. A simple recipe. Just mix it up shake it and vape it. A squishy, gooey gummy type berry candy. Enjoy!!

It’s the end of the month and you‘re waiting for your paycheck. The fridge is almost empty, whats left are a frew dry crackers, a blob of peanut butter and strawberry jam. Just enough for a poor man's dinner.

Feel free to add some sweetener...





This treat is known as "Merengón con Fresas" a Colombian dessert. It is made with a native South American fruit known as Guanábana along with Strawberries, Lime and a Meringue-type Whipped Cream. I opted from using lime and decided to use LMT from VTA because it tastes more like Lime/Meringue. After you mix this be patient and put it aside, flavor develops after a week but only gets better. You may substitute the HR Vanilla for INW Shisha Vanilla. Enjoy!!!

This is a new recipe im working on and right out the gate its good.i think i have just a little tweaking to do but as of right now its a great creamy cheesecake with strawberry glaze.please feel free to comment and give me your opinion ,would love some feedback

This is one of my favorite recipes of mine.i think its close to perfect.you can sub the peanut butter with any other peanut butter.you have to use tpa’s peanut butter at high % you could even go to as high as 8% with it.i didn't want the peanut butter to be the main flavor,i wanted it to take a back seat to OOO’s strawberry jam which is amazing.enjoy.. please give feedback i want your opinions

The picture says it all. Its Vanilla ice cream with a strawberry jam topping. Simple easy and to the point

Strawberry jam works great with the custard premium to give me my strawberry cream filling. The pie crust and lucky shot work together to provide the bakery note I was going for. The meringue gives this mix a little sugar coating on the crust note and sweetens up the mix. I like to add a little super sweet, but I left it out of the recipe. Feel free to sweeten to your taste

Not much to it. I feel as the v1 has great flavor but v2 has more of the smoothie texture I was aiming for. This came out good

All I'm trying to do is use my Pur Strawnana smoothie which is going to be discontinued. I love it so I've been exploring with it. I just like to take it and add strawberry and banana to it. Shocker. I do have other ideas and work on them when my palate doesnt beg for another 60ml of this.

Banana puree is perfect for what I want. Nice chunky monkey in there. All authentic. Yes. Strawberry jam because it's my favorite. Meruca. Add some cheesecake even there. Why? It's a little....cheesy to me and gives this thick kinda texture I wanted, pair that with the smoothie tfa and flv cream and it created the smoothie texture i wanted. Meanwhile, flv cream and banana puree pair together perfectly.

It comes out to be....what it is.

Why did I name it after a singing fish on the wall? Idfk. I'm running outta names and honestly dgaf to think of a logical one. This reminds me of a nice hot day. So take me to the river, throw me down the water.

Maybe I shoulda called this "Van down by the river" but that will be in the future. Spoiler?

Old fashioned treat.
Love this strawberry combo works well with the rice pudding profile, sweet rice i found to be creamy on its own but wanted some vanilla pudding and creamier notes to really set it off.

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