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I am on a quest to perfect the most popular flavor profiles. Perfection doesn't just come from flavor, it's also found in simplicity. The recipes in this series are geared towards mixers who are just starting out making their own eliquid. So whether you're a veteran or someone who's a little newer to the DIY community I invite you to pick a profile and join me in the lab as we quest for perfection.

Strawberry and Cream.

You know it doesn't matter what time of year it is. Hot. Cold. Sun. Rain. Snow. Strawberry and Cream is always there for me. It was the first recipe I mixed that I actually liked and it's still something that I'm constantly trying to perfect. How do I do that?

I want the strawberry to be artificial, sweet and really basey. I want it to linger and penetrate. The cream I want to by silky and smooth with a hint of vanilla.

If you're someone who's searching for a strawberry and cream that vapes like that sounds I invite you to try this recipe.

Sweeten to Taste.

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This week on Tuesday Reviews Day fate gifted to us FA Kiwi.

FA Kiwi is a fairy light, delicately sweet kiwi flavor. It doesn't have any tang or tartness which is something I would expect from a kiwi. It has plenty of juice, but no fuzz. No skin, seeds or flesh but plenty of green.

The best part about FA Kiwi is the juice. I decided a beverage was the best possible use of it. We went with a Kiwi Strawberry Daiquiri using FA Jamaica Rhum for the Cap'n Jack notes.

The kiwi note needed a little help, I used FLV Kiwi to add the fuzz and VT Sugarloaf to bring the tang and tartness.

For the strawberry note, I used Ripe Strawberry as the main note and the profile needed some basiness so I added just a touch of OOO Strawberry Jam.

A little Cap Hibiscus for the "slushy" and done.

This recipe was pleasantly surprising as I don't vape many solo fruit profiles, I think this nails texture really well and has tons of "Pirates stumbling through a dessert island strawberry field" taste.

Sweeten to Taste.

Watch the Replay:



Tested on a Profile 1.5 @80w, Titan V2 @ 129w

A delicious blend of Strawberry Jam and Peanut Butter
Off a shake the Jam is much more forward than the PB, after 4 weeks this becomes much more balanced.

The Peanut Butter is made up of TFA PB DX @ 5% a good peanut butter that is a little heavier on the butter, unlike the non dx version this doesn't suffer from so much fading. PUR PB Cookie @2% helps to pop up the peanut butter notes in the TFA making it more balanced bewteen Peanut and Butter and also adds some texture from the cookie part, PUR PB Cookie is a must have in any PB lovers stash.

OOO Marshmallow Vanilla serves to thicken the mouthfeel up and add a subtle vanilla to the mix this also helps to blend the Jams into the PB.

VT Strawberry Jam is one of my favourite Straw jams used here at 2% to get that sweet strawberry Jam taste throughout the PB, to this OOO Strawberry Jam also at 2% thickens this Jam up and adds it's sticky mouthfeel as well as a little sugary texture. VT Butter Base serves to add a little more butter to the whole mix and also sime moisture/grease to stop the mix from tasting too dry on the palate.

I chose not to add any sweetener to this however as always feel free to use your sweetener of choice.


Been sitting on this recipe for some time and decided to share some love...I was never a big fan of strawberry vapes until some of the new flavors were available (WF) strawberry cheesecake is a master piece and (WF) strawberry gummy candy is definitely a strawberry blind tasters Godsend hope you enjoy this as much as I do......

Take Your Breath Away with this Lustful Ppoison of Sweet Venom. A Tasty Strawberry Licorice Cream Drizzled with a Realistic Honey & Crisp. Enjoy!

Copied developed peaches and cream yogurt base and made it strawberry. I’m a S&C fan from way back and this is now one of my top fav recipes.

Partly inspired by https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/212992#raspberry_jelly_donut_v2_by_enyawreklaw

Recently a UK supermarket launched these bad boys and I figured that it would make a pretty impressive vape. I wasn't wrong. A light airy supermarket style doughnut filled with a pink lemonade jam.

ooo is FlavorLabs/VaporFlavor.

cap glazed doughnut joy and zepp make up the dough
vanillin & buttercream frosting make up the frosting
FL, FE & TFA strawberries make up the jelly innards
tfa ss and em for more sweetness

good shake and vape and for the first 24ish hours, then it does this uncanny valley type bullshit where it starts tasting like a dirty gymsock, but then somehow comes out of it around day 5.

Hopefully my goal is to have everyone get Squished by the end of 2021. Everybody needs to get Squished sooner or later. If you haven't got Squished, now is your time. A simple recipe. Just mix it up shake it and vape it. A squishy, gooey gummy type berry candy. Enjoy!!

It’s the end of the month and you‘re waiting for your paycheck. The fridge is almost empty, whats left are a frew dry crackers, a blob of peanut butter and strawberry jam. Just enough for a poor man's dinner.

Feel free to add some sweetener...

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