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Boo-Yaa! Boom-Shaka-Laka! First and foremost , Have a Happy, Fun, Vapeful and Safe 4th of July this coming Holiday!! This is recipe is for all you freakin’ wonderful vaping people. For those about to Vape “We Salute You” and those of of you already Vape, “A 21 Gun Salute”. This recipe was totally inspired by “Noted Episode 208 - Sugar. Mindfloodz and I decided to do something sugary for the 4th, and walaaaaa, here it is. I asked his advise on sugars and percentages and I asked just to incorporate one of my favorite flavors “Organic Danish Pastry” by Natures Flavors. We wanted that powdery, on-top cinnamon note and with a slight boost of just a little more danish. Decided to post this a little early because we really enjoyed it and will not be around that week. So Enjoy!!


A lightly toasted PB & raspberry jam sammy.

This is the final version. Big thanks to Foment and Wolf for the inspiration and guidance and Foment for the perfect white bread. You can find the description from this Mixers Club submission and the previous one below.

Submitted for Mixers Club
May 2021 - Florals

This isn't a floral submission, but it's a version of my duets recipe from February that I believe is improved with input from reviews, and I would like your thoughts yet again.

I have been really enjoying the TPA/SSA PB combo and used that here, dropping the FW Hazelnut and FLV Beer Nuts. It's used real low, because it was really taking over here. I went another way with the raspberry and plugged VT Raspberry Jam in here instead of FLV Red Raspberry and INW Shisha Raspberry. I also did away with the CAP Jelly Candy and brought the OOO Powdered Sugar from Saito in.

I hope you enjoy it!

You can see my previous version here:


Mixed at 70/30 using River VG/PG.

just a remix on developed blue raspberry apple fundip, replaced the green apple and the blue raspberry with OoO pink lemonade and CAP pink lemonade, hopefully this is a banger, we'll see in a few days and i will update the decription :)

A pretty good vanilla vape. im liking it. All it needs is one more thing to be perfect… maybe a cookie or some kind of fruit or cake


Created with Fresh03 & Friends during the "Mixing For Mike" show on 6/12. Fidalgo Vapes' donation earned him a recipe by the mixer of his choice, and he asked me to make him a Strap-On (STRawberry APple watermelON) using Medicine Flower flavors as the main ingredients.

This was a little tough because I'd never used any MF melon, strawberry, or apple flavors before. A bunch of Medicine Flower samples came in the mail fairly recently though, so I had them on hand. Rule of thumb with these things, start low, as they are very highly concentrated. Only had one each of watermelon and strawberry to play with, and after smelling Red, Golden, and Green apples, I knew Red was the one I wanted. If you smelled all three MF apples, you'd pick Red, too. Strawberry didn't smell quite as strong as some of their others and after consulting ELR about it, I decided to go with 1.25%. Red Apple at 1%. I was already dripping in 0.75% Watermelon when Fidalgo himself answered my call for help and said to go with a way lower amount. He was right, 0.75% was overly rindy and a little soapy, and I could tell it was from too much watermelon. Tried it again at 0.4% and it worked beautifully. This was a balanced mix of flavorful, very natural fruit, no candy at all. Just a bowl of chopped watermelon, fresh strawberry, and red apple. I knew going it I was going to add something to this to make it something special for Fidalgo, but didn't know what until I tasted it and Def Leppard started playing in my head. Pour some sugar on me! Not sweetener, sugar. "Pour some sucralose on me" just doesn't not sound sexy at all. These fruits tasted so natural and I didn't want to candy sweeten them with sweeter fruits or just throw sweetener on them, I wanted them to taste like they'd been sprinkled with sugar right on top. A little bit of OoO Powdered Sugar did the trick. I think this recipe is done, but it is subject to change after I try my samples for the Noted: Sugar episode coming up on 6/21.

Spot on “Keebler Pecan Sandies”, nailed it...
Pushing the limit with the Shortbread Cookie here at 3%....
but I had to eat a whole bag of the Keebler Cookies to confirm 😋
Holy Vanilla can be subbed with Vanilla Overload (Gremlin) at same percentage

“Rocky Toony Original”
Mixed 4/1/2021

~~~~~~~~~~·.¸¸.·♩♪♫ Lêmðñ Çððlêr §åñÐïê§ ♫♪♩·.¸¸.·~~~~~~~~~~
I’ve been told this is kinda like a remixed and way better version of Five Pawns Isolani. “Just a nice full lemon cookie with a coating of vanilla on top”, I don’t vape commercial juice so I personally cannot confirm this.....
What I can say is this is a damn good Lemon Sandie ! The Shortbread Cookie SSA is a spot on “Keebler Sandie” IMO 👌
Follow link below for some more Lemmy + Metallica (fake video, but great nonetheless) 🤙
“Rocky Toony Original”
Mixed 4/18/2021

A bright, almost tropical lemon on the inhale, that turns into Orange Taffy on the exhale.

Give this like a full day for the lemon, it's a bit sharp at 1% of the shake but settled below the orange after a day, so give it a little extra and a full day and they're balanced quite well if you ask me.

The powdered sugar helps this have a slight sugar coating.

Thanks again Nevans for the Taffy base.

I sweetened with .5% Capella super sweet.

Add sweetener of your choosing.

My attempt at a strawberry cream filled cannoli. Very creamy and smooth. Solid as a shake and vape but gets better after a few days.

It's not 100% just yet, but a good start. Any variations/revisions/feedback to improve this, would be greatly appreciated.

its very nice blue rasberry bubble gum with a nice bright blue raz taste.
live mixing with #Developed

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