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First time using SSA Cinnamon Apple Pie but upon smelling it knew it needed help. OoO VCC for more body and it's added deliciousness. I don't use CAP double apple much, thought about PUR Country Apple but wanted it a little more pronounced. OoO Pie Crust to add to what smelled to be missing. Was going to go with CAP Cinammon Sugar but CDS felt more appropriate as a bakery cinammon. SSA Whipped Cream as it is delicious, one of my favorite whipped creams after trying it for the first time.

Try it without super sweet at first but after trying it without knew it needed a little pop and 0.50% never hurt anyone lol. It does have a nice sweetness but 0.25% might suffice for most.

I used the Game Changer homogenizer for my initial 30ml and tried it the next day....delicious. immediately made a 250ml bottle but just shared it, definitely not as balanced but still tasty, thinking 2 weeks and it should be good to go

This week on Tuesday Reviews Day fate gave us TFA Black Cherry and we ushered in a new era of baking.

Just kidding, seriously though, this flavor has a bad rap. Rightfully so, I suppose. However, I think it's definitely possible to use this and have success. To me, this flavor is a very basey, sweet natural cherry taste. It screams cooked cherry to me. Add a little FLV Apple Filling and it's an incredibly unique Cherry Pie Filling. For the crust I used a combination of OOO Pie Crust and FA Cookie to give it some texture.

What's pie without a generous scoop of ice cream on top? Default to my favorite TFA Vanilla Bean + TFA Vanilla Swirl and it's a full bodied, top notey, buttery ice cream that just melts over the top of that warm Cherry Pie.

Sweeten to Taste.

Watch the Replay Here:

Not Another Pecan Pie! I really really like this one. The best that I've tested so far (of course it is 😋) . Whipped cream fresh is fantastic because it sits on top of the mix. 1.2 fw sweetener because those things are sweeeeeet. Enjoy or don't!

I've been mixing for over 4 years now and I would like to think that I know what I'm doing 🙃. So when I release a recipe, I tested it, readjusted it 2-3 times or more and vaped at least a 100ml. I don't like to write exhaustive description of my recipe, unless i use a flavor to do something special in the mix, because most of the time it's really straight forward.....for example: Pecan pie= cookie and pie crust for the crust, bav cream/butter pecan/ butter pecan pie and butter base for the gooey goodness inside and whipped cream well...for the whipped cream on top. If I use those ingredients it's because I loved them or they need some love because when you have 600 flavors or more they don't get used as often as they should. I'm writing this in my notes app and will copy/paste it in my next mixes for now on. English is not my first language so sorry if it's not always perfect! Cheers mother truckers!


A Peachy flakey pastry with powdered sugar on top made for this weeks episode of Mixin Vixens
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Caramel Apple Cobbler w/Vanilla Ice Cream hold the fuck on

Buttermilk? Nut? Pie?

@Sanctum said buttermilk pie and I ran with it. I liked this without the peanut butter, but it was too good to leave out. This recipe is something that I never knew that I needed.

SA Vanilla Custard Nougatine for the filling.
FW Butter Pecan to add that dark, nutty vibe.
OOO Pie Crust for the crust flavor.
WF Buttermilk to sour(?) up the filling.
SSA Milk Caramel Fudge to sit like a glazed.
SSA Peanut Butter because it needs to be here.
WF Crispy Wafer for crust texture.

Now I’ve never eaten one of these before but here’s my interpretation of a bourbon buttermilk pie. Two really good pie crusts paired together form the crust here what could go wrong, and the filling obviously has to have buttermilk and Wf buttermilk is really good imo I added to that vanilla custard cheesecake to fill it out some more and the aged bourbon cream supports that also and adds that hint of bourbon I was looking for this is a v3 and I’m happy with it now as when I tried with other bourbon concentrates it overpowered things for me where as using the bourbon cream adds a subtle note whilst also supporting the other creams.

Tested on svbm mod recurve single coil rda 0.20 alien coil and can’t put it down.


You posh ATF types can finally mix this without slumming it with us plebs over on ELR 😁. Just so you know though, the real classy types buy the one shot 😉

Jason Donovan pushed open the door of Flamin' Galah's, the best bakery in all of Oz. Rack off Jase, you're barred! Snarled Carl the manager. Donovan had been one of several ex Neighbours actors who (on a reunion piss up) had descended on the shop the previous week causing a huge scene which culminated in Brad Willis actor, Scott Michaelson, getting worked up by Natalie Imbruglia and jizzing in the dough mixer while the staff were distracted.

Donovan spent ten minutes explaining how bad he felt for his part in the proceedings. He offered money for any spoilt stock and even to work in store to compensate for the upset and distress they'd caused. He explained how much he missed being able to pop in for a pastry treat. It would certainly never happen again. Steadily, Carl seemed to come around and became more jovial, ultimately the men shook hands.

Wanna take a 'snot block', Jase? Fresh batch in the back there, Carl offered. Vanilla custard slices were Donovan's ultimate treat and Carl knew he couldn't refuse. As Jason left with his decadent pastry in a white paper sack, Carl grinned from ear to ear. He imagined Jason's shock as his bite squished the wobbly custard filling and he found the koala turd hidden in the centre.

Vanilla slice, custard slice, mille feuille, cremeschnitte, krempita, snot block… whatever you call it it's delicious as fuck, that's why almost every country has there own take on it. This is based on the British version, like you'd get down Gregg's - or a proper bakery. Flakey buttery pastry on top and bottom made here from VTA croissant, OOO pie crust and WF crispy wafer. These dirty strips sandwich a thick custard debauchery made from Fa custard premium, WF flan and Flv vanilla pudding, the gentle caramel note from the flan doesn't appear to upset the balance as I worried it might. Flv frosting for the traditional fondant icing and sweetener if you want it but it's pretty sweet without. It's good from the shake then it gets better, much better at about 3 weeks if you can wait.


A beautifully delightful,bright key lime pie finished with a dollop of whipped cream. No pledgy,sharp off notes. Just pure key lime bliss and one you defo wanna mix up if your a fan of this profile. Please be so kind to leave your feedback on my work for other mixers to see. Stay safe guys 😷💙

A rich buttery pastry with a pecan pie type filling. I made this on one of Fresh's Saturday shows but it turned out so good I had to post it here as well. Good after 7 days but gets even better the longer you can hold out.

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