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(OOO) Marshmallow (Vanilla)

By: One On One (OOO) - Buy Direct

Used in 496 recipes at an average of 1.453%.


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Just in time for spring/summertime a non harsh close to fresh watermelon
Still going to have a slight jolly rancher taste at the end of the exhale


Super sweet optional at .5%

Ooo marshmallow vanilla....used here for sweetness but mainly to cut the harshness off the watermelon. Also adds a little creamy texture...as I️ think about eating watermelon the real ripe melons to me do have a slightly creamy texture to them

One drop flavors....weaker flavor concentrates so they are going to be used at a higher percentage than we are used to but in this instance since the are weaker it makes it slightly easier to cut or hide the notes we don’t want...ie harsh jolly rancher candy note

Fa pear....this brings some sweetness as well as helping to brighten the fruits while lending a little texture to this mix

Based off a dessert I found online.. The Sweet Coconut paired with the Coconut Custard turns out just great.. Both the Strawberry Ripe with the Strawberry Shisha play very well together. Sweet Cream, Milk and Marshmallow help out with a light topping within the cake.

This what i based this recipe on http://www.jennsblahblahblog.com/no-bake-frosted-flakes-peanut-butter-cereal-bars-recipe/

CAP Cereal 27 make the cornflakes

MB Glamour Chocolate make the chocolate drizzle on top.

FLV Pnut butter and Milk&honey work well in here to make a honey pnut butter.

The OOO Marshmallow Vanilla adds a nice vanilla note as well a marshmallow mouthfeel.

so I love tutti fruti jelly beans they just pop with that bright in your face fruit flavor - so this is my take on that .

I used 27 bears, marshmallow and circus candy to create the main jelly texture. 27 bears is a pretty authentic gummy bear type texture and has a white gummy flavor note. The rainbow sherbet I used to create the bright fruit flavor mix - along with the fizzy sherbet which helps that flavor to really brighten and pop . The hard candy is not really needed here but does add that slight sense of the hard candy shell if kept a a very low %. If you want that extra pop of sweetness then add sweetner but it is pretty sweet with the cotton candy

YUP i went there and tried to capture that mythical Chocolate and Cream filled Egg that only comes out once a year . In doing some research for this mix I found out that the cream filling of the the egg is actually a liquid fondant which is just sugar, water and corn syrup - (what a let down - who knew )

The shell I used hangsen Australian chocolate , VT dark chocolate and VT chocolate mousse together to create a creamy chocolate that I am after. Hagsen Chocolate is a great semi sweet chocolate when used low - but leans to the dark chalky chocolate if used much above 1% So I balanced that out a bit with the mousse to create the creaminess and the dark chocolate bring the chocolate forward the VT white chiclate is used for smooth creamy mouth feel for the chocolate

The filling i used FLV frosting which is a strong forward sweet butter cream with white chocolate that creates the main base of the thick vanilla creamy texture I am after - The Marshmallow and golden syrup create that sticky texture I am wanted
The super sweet is added to bring that over the top sweetness - but it is not needed
This is a high wattage flavor profile

The USPS still hasn't delivered my Not From Concentrate and LIFA Vapes keeps taunting me. I am forced to take things into my own hands by hate mixing something to spite them!

FA custard= custard premium

I let this sit for 7 days before I tried it.
Slight spice , smooth vanilla, Very rich and creamy.
Thick, full mouth feel.
I mixed at 70 VG

Don't let the small percentages fool you.. Boysenberry and Fuji Apple are potent enough flavors that they still shine in this recipe. The Bavarian Cream as well as the Marshmallows smooth out the vape where the Oba Oba gives a slight extra Vanilla to the mix.. This is a recipe play off of a recipe I had on ELR that I have tweaked and Played with for a little while.. This vape is in my daily rotation of vapes juices. This recipe has been looked at by a few in the past as it was called ( Cloudy Fruit Juice 1.2% flavor ) but I changed the name when I added to the recipe.

EDIT: I bumped up the FLV Boysenberry to .75% and now it is a very very nice mix also steep for 2 weeks minimum.

an interesting combination of pistachio, peach and pecan that blends perfectly in a mild creamy bread pudding base.


Optional flavors:

FA Oak Barrel .25%

FA Marzipan .25-.5%

Sweet Coconut: .25%

Flavor Notes