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Inspired by the hostess Snowball cake. Fluffy white cake + cocoa = chocolate cake. (the only chocolate cake I used to like was reformulated / LB Lava Cake) Coconut candy provides a creaminess to the desiccated coconut which is very dry on its own. I Used Marshmallow vanilla by Flavorah for texture. The OOO adds a nice flavor. VT sweet cream for the cream filled center.
The cake note, to me is light... but if I recall correctly, thats what I remember from a Snowball. The marshmallow outside is what truly stands out to me and this combination was perfect.
If you have a chocolate cake you like, you can sub for the WF Fluffy cake/Cocoa combo. The rest really isn't substitutable
I mix low percentage wise so you may need to adjust, as usual.


A Thick Creamy Vanilla Explosion in Your Mouth! Can be used as a base too!!!


Tested on a Profile 1.5 @80w, Titan V2 @ 129w

A delicious blend of Strawberry Jam and Peanut Butter
Off a shake the Jam is much more forward than the PB, after 4 weeks this becomes much more balanced.

The Peanut Butter is made up of TFA PB DX @ 5% a good peanut butter that is a little heavier on the butter, unlike the non dx version this doesn't suffer from so much fading. PUR PB Cookie @2% helps to pop up the peanut butter notes in the TFA making it more balanced bewteen Peanut and Butter and also adds some texture from the cookie part, PUR PB Cookie is a must have in any PB lovers stash.

OOO Marshmallow Vanilla serves to thicken the mouthfeel up and add a subtle vanilla to the mix this also helps to blend the Jams into the PB.

VT Strawberry Jam is one of my favourite Straw jams used here at 2% to get that sweet strawberry Jam taste throughout the PB, to this OOO Strawberry Jam also at 2% thickens this Jam up and adds it's sticky mouthfeel as well as a little sugary texture. VT Butter Base serves to add a little more butter to the whole mix and also sime moisture/grease to stop the mix from tasting too dry on the palate.

I chose not to add any sweetener to this however as always feel free to use your sweetener of choice.

Mochi filled with Sakura (cherry blossom) and vanilla ice cream

Exotic mochi dessert with hints of rice and floral sidenotes

For what feels like an eternity, you are driving through the wastelands that remained from that they called an "Apocalyptic Event".
The sun is burning and you feel exhausted - but visiting the circus seems too tempting, so you speed up a bit more instead of returning home to your shelter.

You finally reach the half-rotten pile of tarpaulin thats seems to be the big top of the circus.
"Ice cream, fresh ice cream! Treat yourself with some nice and cold refreshment!" You immediately aim to where the shout came from. A vendor, dressed up as a pretty bizarre clown (though you have seen weirder things during the past weeks), waves at you, happily pointing at some little red buttony balls. "Go and give them a chance, you most likely wont't regret it!" he says with a strange giggle and a creepy look in his eyes.
-Sigh-, not the kind of ice cream you expected but do you really have a choice?
You grab one of the strange balls, the clown immediately starts to giggle again, so you decide to rather walk a few steps before trying that cold little thingy.

It feels like it has some kind of soft shell around. You take a small, careful bite - the shell is a bit chewy and hast a light taste of rice. Underneath you feel the cold ice cream. But what's that taste? It remembers you of vanilla and cherries, but something's different.
You take a bigger bite - Wow, that's refreshing!" You eat the rest of it in one sit. The taste of cherries and vanilla are dominating but there are floral sidetones you are unable to specify.
'Damn! You crave for another one and you're curious about what you were actually eating. But as you turn around, the strange clown already disappeared.


  • TPA Cherry Blossom Well balanced mix of floral notes and cherries.
  • LB Vanilla Ice Cream Builds the basis of the ice cream
  • TFA Black Cherry Maybe the best cherry around. Supports the fruitiness of the ice cream
  • FE Sweet Rice Basis of the mochi shell. Slight taste of rice that (sadly) keeps fading
  • TPA Rice Crunchies Adds a bit of rice and keeps FE Sweet Rice from fading completely
  • VTA Sweet Cream Supports the ice cream basis by adding a bit sweetness and creaminess
  • TFA Vanilla Swirl Some more ice cream mouthfeel and some support on the vanilla notes
  • OOO Marshmallow (Vanilla) Fades in after the first days. Nice addition for mouthfeel and a bit support on the vanilla
  • CAP Super Sweet Not necessary but I liked it better with some additional sweetness
  • WS-23 It's a cold dessert, here we go!

Additional Notes

  • Sadly the rice keeps fading out during the first days, when the Marshmallow still fades in. Therefor the mix has some slight changes in its taste - though I like it both, SnV and with a steepening of 3 days or more

Testing Notes

Developed for DL on Hadaly (handmade single coil (Alien), 0,2 Ohm, SS316L), Aromamizer Supreme V3 (dual coils, 0,1 Ohm, NiCr90) and Taifun GX (handmade single coil (Alien), 0,34 Ohm, NiCr80)

The picture is taken from Pinterest.es and belongs to bubbiesicecream.com


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Snap, Crackle and Pop's secret stash. It could always be better and dessert vapes aren't my specialty but I like where it's at and you can't go wrong with a single one of these flavors. God bless!

12/06/2020 A delightful Christmas vape ,you can SNV this but it's better after a week or 10 days... For those who use sweetener add 0.5-1% FW sweetener.
Merry Christmas to you all
06/07/2021 update: summer is here already and I found my forgotten Christmas juice ,I didn't want to admit at the time but it was a quite harsh taste (a lot of cinnamon) now its time to enjoy ,turned out smooth and mellow.


I've used these 2 flavors in recipes and I have sft (OOO) Marshmallow (Vanilla). I haven't pushed the %s very high though so I wasn't sure where to start. The (WF) BB Gummy Candy is a great flavor also! It was difficult for me to know when to stop raising the %s and doubly difficult to decide where to balance and not kill one or both flavors. I added EM to add sweetness throughout the mix and it works for me. I have a feeling the mm will grow slightly as this has only set for 2 days. It tastes accurate to me....but what do I know. I do know that it was bound to taste good due to the fact I'm using 2 pretty (safe) concentrates meaning it would be pretty hard to screw this up...hahahaha. I tried 3 different fruits and 3 different mm before settling on this combo. Thank you to Developed and the entire mixing community as a whole for pushing me to explore my concentrates further. Enjoy.

A summer time monster melon mash up, sweet and refreshing with a nice chill effect from the Chefs additive WS-23 30% dilution.

The Fuji FA adds a little body to the recipe plus sweetness without distracting you from the melons.

Sweet Candy Cap is the overall winner in this mix a solid addition rounds off the harsher notes I'd noticed in other versions.

And the Marshmallow vanilla just fluffs everything up nicely adding to the sweetness

A long time ago i have got a fine liquid with peanutbutter and notes of cocoa. But i can´t remember the name. It was a Premium Liquid from the USA.

So... This is my try to clone this. I´m still working on this recipe. But it´s great right now, i think i´ve got it ;-)

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