(OOO) Marshmallow (Vanilla)

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All Chocolate Mint off the Shake, espresso vso should grow 🤞🏼

Tested on a Hadaly with a 0.25 single coil (dual core alien) @ 39 - 44 watts.

1 Day, creamy minty chocolate, no presence of the espresso yet, the chocolate is present but is subtle in flavour

3 Days, things are starting to change as the mix has gotten a little “muddy” but has a creamy mint chocolate with excellent mouth feel.
(I am looking forward to how this finishes after it has had a 5 to 10 day steep)

7 Days, The mix in now clearly a cup of Choc mint, with a slight cinnamon spice on the tail, mouthfeel is delightful, Espresso still not present, think it needs to be bumped up to .75 or 1%

10 Days, I would consider this to be fully steeped & is clearly a creamy thick choc mint beverage, it has a brilliant mouthfeel. Espresso at 0.4% is not present in the mix after 10 days, so if you want the mocha then espresso would need to be doubled to 0.80%. The cinnamon from the moose milk is no longer present and it is just adding a little something to the finish.

Yada Yada Yada Bla Bla Bla....Blue Raspberry Marshallow Peeps Vanilla Ice Cream Wafer Cone with Rainbow Sprinkles. Steep for five days it's not gonna melt. enjoy!

Mixed for DiyDownUnder FB group weekly challenge 24/01/2021

A peanut butter cookie & fudge ice cream

Tested on a Hadaly Rda
single coil Ni80 0.3 alien @40-50w


This is my baby, my love, my heartache, my greatest vaping achievement & my biggest failure time and time again.
We all know as mixers what it's like to flavor chase to be so close yet so far off time and time again.

This is my Dragon and I've chased it since I started mixing, one would think such a simple profile would be easy but I can't begin to count the batches that I've went thru over the years.

What's so hard about it I'm sure your thinking...welp let me explain.

The profile that I'm looking for is a custard that is:
A: A Vanilla Bean top note that is not just vanilla but an actual "Authentic Vanilla Bean" that stands tall over the creams.
B: Has the tartness of a yogurt but not to tart I want to keep it in the back just so you know its there.
C: Is rich and thick just like a custard one would drink during the winter holidays.
D:A body that just fills your mouth with cream same as you just ate some ice cream.
E: has a lingering sticky sweet mouthfeel akin to having just ate a spoonful of jet-puffed marshmallow creme.
F: Like I said this is my Dragon aka "The ADV" the one profile that I vape the most.That being said my goal is to keep the recipe @ or below 7 flavorings "not including a sweetener" to avoid muddling while also keeping the total flavoring below 10% if able .....because I'm cheap lol.

Ok so now that you have an idea of what we are going for let's apply where I currently stand in the recipe in relation to the above profile.

A: (FLV) Vanilla Bean: This hits the "Authentic Vanilla Bean" note very well but it's a delicate vanilla at the same time that we will be addressing shortly.
B: (OOO) Creamy Yogurt Cheesecake: This flavoring has a hint of yogurt that finishes with a cheesecake note that I think covers this spot very well.
C: (FA) Custard Prem & (INW) Custard: What can I say about this pairing that has not been said before it just works I'm using them @ a 2.5/1.75 ratio that I enjoy.
D: (TPA) Vanilla Bean Ice Cream: the OG of VBIC "sorry to all the pepper tasters" this is a no brainer that covers the ice cream spot while also being a very good vanilla to accompany the "(FLV) Vanilla Bean".
E: (OOO) Marshmallow Vanilla: The mouthfeel of this flavoring is just jaw dropping and even has a slight vanilla note that forms the final part of the vanilla trinity.
F: As it stands now we are @ 6 flavorings "not including a sweetener" & @ 9.55% total flavoring. Mission accomplished... for now.

One would think that makes it finished but like I said I'm constantly chasing this profile, have been for a long time. With that being said I'm releasing it as is in hopes that I get some feed back from the vaping community. Maybe even some suggestions on improving it? Who knows but here she is for better or worse....My White Dragon.

Sweetener Suggestions: (Cap) Super Sweet @ 0.2%-0.5% depending on how sweet you like it, myself I use 1 drop SS per every 15ml I make just to make the flavorings "pop".
Steep time: It's a custard so it will get better as it ages imho it's shines after three weeks but due to the quick steep time of the custards it can be SNV but it's not 100%.

A dark tobacco with thick and bright currant.

FLV Native for the base tobacco.
FLV Tatanka for darker RY4-ish notes.
FLV Arabian for a deep tobacco and helping bolster the dark berry.
FA Black Currant for a brighter version of the fruit.
FLV Boysenberry to twist the black currant into more of a jam.
OOO Marshmallow Vanilla for some top notes and thickness.
JF Biscuit because I fuggin’ like it here.

A premium delicious blend of fresh juicy figs, pears are added to help balance and round out the flavors. It’s then finished with a small amount of cane sugar to soften any fruity acidity and give this silky sweet cream condiment a smooth finish.

After Archie tries his new girls banana milkshake he falls in love... I’ve been wanting a smooth banana milkshake for a while and finally put one together that doesn’t taste like a runts sundae. To me it’s just the right everything but we will see after some steeping but off the shake it was delicious.

This started out as trying to make a clone or something similar to SMAX's Pony on Acid. I think that after a snv it's decent and gives me a lot of close or similar flavors and mouth feel but it isn't complete.

This recipe has a a lot of pineapple in the beginning and then turns into strawberries and raspberries in a red syrup like glaze and then has a fresh whipped cream flavor.

This is also my first time sitting down and working from another recipe as a headstart or as hints. I do ask that if you make the liquid, please leave a review regardless of if you enjoyed it or not and anything you would change. Im Hoping the feedback can help give me ideas as to what I'm missing and perfect the recipe.

I hope that you enjoy this recipe and lets keep vaping.

The cow cream is back with this new and improved butterscotch cookie.
Let this sit a couple days, its ok off the shake but around day 5 its great.

The apple pie was bothering me so I reworked the cookie base of the original
fa cookie and apple pie became JF cookie and WF cookie butter, the combo fixes the cookie base
Buttrip was also turned down to 2%
OOO Marshmallow (Vanilla) and buttrip are two flavors I enjoy so I decided to combine them.
It was ok but needed help, so FLV Caramel came in to smooth out the buttrip
WF Vanilla Cream Extra SC just gives it a little more creaminess.

Half peach half marshmallow ring candy

(FLV)Peach gummy is the star of the show , supported by (FA)White Peach and (TPA)Nectarine to give a full candy citrucy peach flavor.
(VTA)Creaming soda is used as a bridge.It has a nice berry candy note with some fluffy vanilla notes as well.(OOO)Marshmallow Vanilla gives that full marshmallow mouthfeel and the lingering vanilla endnote is supported by the candy vanilla note from the Creaming Soda

I do get a throathit on almost all peach mixes so i enjoy this after a 5day steep.Its def vapable as a SnV tho.

Sweeten to taste

Tested on a citadel with SFC 0.5 Ohms @ 40Watts

Flavor Notes