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(OOO) Cream Milky Undertone VG

By: One On One (OOO) - Buy Direct

Used in 59 recipes at an average of 1.795%.


12 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

Creamy strawberry, not too sweet, not too tart, the dragon fruit really helps the strawberry pop.

I have always loved the show Aqua Teen Hunger Force. I made this recipe to honor The Great Master Shake.

This is an elevated chocolate milk. can be a SnV but really comes together in a week.

This is a very vanilla custard, sweet and thick. I used 2 week steep but if you give it 4 weeks you wont be let down. This recipe was created on Interactive Mixing on the Diydownunder network.

This was an experiment that came out great. I blended together different recipes test samples, to create this chocolate strawberry milk. Sorry I had to revise recipe due to me miss calculating % of mix.

This is a chocolate milk vape. Requires 10 to 14 day steep, but it is well worth it. Nummy:)


this is my version of a chocolate milkshake with alil touch of almond added into which makes nice and rich & at the same time got a little thickness to it which I enjoy so guys mix this up and 70vg 30pg and tell me whatcha think guys and keep mixing & venge on


Ive been trying too make something good for the green beer holiday coming up


Ive been trying too make a good shamrock shake and it has taken me along time but now since I have RF shamrock shake it makes it a lot easier and I used it so far bcuz I don't know how strong the flavor and if its too strong I will more likely turn it down to maybe .5-1% and go from there and see how it tastes


with this one I'm trying too hit a shamrock from either mcds or Wisconsin dairy comp and I loved the one from Wisconsin dairy only if it was 3mg it would have been amazing so I'm gonna try and clone the fuck out of it here it is boys and girls the closet Ive gotten with it

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