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Actually, I wanted to mix a nice chocolate milkshake.
When I tried it, it was all too boring and I started experimenting a bit.

The result is pure Christmas.
I can't put the taste into words, but it seems extremely familiar.

It takes me back to my childhood, it tastes like a Christmas market.

As soon as I discovered SSA Cappuccino I knew it would be the base of a great morning coffee vape. After multiple revisions playing with the cream and sugar ratios for the cup, I think I have it down. I was about 5 ml into my 10 ml tester and immediately mixed up a 60.

I added .25% fa breakfast cereal switched up the milk, dropped the fa butterscotch, and added some cookie. This is much more accurate to Golden grahams. I thought about using fa honey but I haven't had much luck with it in the past. I'm surprised how good this is off the shake. Cereals usually take a while to steep. This is a banger 💥👨‍🎤.

A pretty good vanilla vape. im liking it. All it needs is one more thing to be perfect… maybe a cookie or some kind of fruit or cake


A classic lemon cream consisting of a light vanilla cream with natural citrus notes.
Both the cream and the lemon are in tune with each other so that the end result harmonizes.

The basic components of the cream are (FA) Custard Premium combined with (FA) Cream Fresh and (OoO) Cream Milky Undertone. The (TPA) Ethyl Vanillin with (CAP) French Vanilla form the light vanilla flavor and round it off. (FE) Lemon and (CAP) Jucy Lemon play together as the lemon component and are supported by (FA) Meringue.

Mix and try it, you will not regret :-)

This recipe was created for the VAPEDIA Mixers Club, Edition 03/12

VAPEDIA - German DIY eJuice community
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/zgkx7yT

This is my DMV (Daily Morning Vape)
Easy SNV (overnight steep)
It’s no secret that Coffee vapes are my favorite, and Cappuccino SC is my go-to flavor in that dept
No sweetener used in this one, add to taste 👌
Mixed 4/1/2020 (April fools day)

This is my long time ADV......

Being a coffee drinker, In the past I’ve tried just about every Commercial coffee vape, cappuccino, latte, Catch Ya Latte, Oh Latte etc. and never found the perfect one for Me.

So glad I can now mix my own the way I like it, Hope you enjoy it also!

The coffee syrup ingredients for “Rhode Island Coffee Milk” drink is a closely guarded secret recipe, so this ejuice recipe was a challenge to get that “coffee + high-fructose corn syrup” taste, using caramels did not work. The Milk and Honey (FLV) ended up being the key to success here.

I mix this one in LARGE batches and rock it in the Voltrove 30mm V2 RTA, 0.10 build @90 Watts 😋
GTG after an overnight steep, obviously changes with a good steep. But I love it everywhere in between 🤙
As always adjust sweetener to your liking ( Super Sweet @0.32% is my second choice when craving sweet 👌)
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OOO Cream (MU), FA cream fresh along with TPA Vanilla Swirl and CAP cake batter makes up the creamy milkshake taste and texture. After many attempts at getting the banana right, l settled on a trio, VT Banana custard (it's a cream NOT a custard) pairs well with TPA Banana Cream, I added just a touch of MB Soft Banana because I just love the extra it brings. I'm very happy with how it turned out, I find it difficult to put down. Works straight off the shake but really comes into it's own after a couple of days.

This is just a simple recipe that brings me back to the chai my grandmother used to make every day. It's really straight forward and works well. Chai in India is generally bitter, sweet, spicy and warm. I honestly think the recipe is self explanatory. I wanted more ginger out of the FLV Chai spice so I added more. This is good as a SnV, but better after 3-4 days as the astringency tones down a bit.

A creamy, tasty, melts in your mouth Old-Fashioned Hershey Kiss. They don't make them like they used to which will leave you tempted for the "Real Deal". Enjoy!!

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