(OOO) Corn Bread

By: One On One (OOO)

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Obviously I'm going for a CORN BREAD with Vanilla PUDDIN' profile here.
This one needs a couple of days at least, upto 2 weeks to fully push through.

Hope you'll enjoy,

Dropping this in lieu of cornbread approaching hype/passé status . . . I've been working on this since September and feel it is where it needs to be. This is buttery cornbread custard. The AP and Cereal 27 mixed with OOO Corn Bread really pushes this toward the authentic cornbread. It helps with the fluffy grain aspect that is the hallmark of the cornbread that has become the staple of the Southern table. The CAP Cake Batter helps to pull this in the sweet cornbread direction. The Custard/Creme Brulee/Devon Cream combination creates the thick rich custard that is enhanced by the crumb and crust of the cornbread. Butterscotch Ripple/Butterscotch brings the custard and cornbread to the butterscotch-y, caramel-y level that I was going for.

Give this at least a week to steep, and it blossoms into a sweet, buttery, cornbread custard. I annihilated 30mL of this and am waiting on the next batch to steep.

As always, I mixed this at 60vg/40pg and, then, let it age for a week. This is what I was looking for in a cornbread vape.

Edit: So, in coming back to read this with sober eyes . . . I realize that the use of "in lieu of" is used incorrectly (sigh . . . celebrating a snow day and typing do not mix). I'm not changing it as a lesson to myself. I guess I was thinking "for fear that," but it came out all wrong. Must remember to self-edit before hitting save.


***FA Custard is FA Premium Custard

Updated- added 1% more Corn Bread, and added 1% Premium Custard for some texture/thicker vape. Creamy Cornbread Pudding. Inspired by Country Clouds Cornbread Pudding. I’ve over thought this recipe many times. I kept it as simple as possible and stuck to the profile with this. Definitely not a clone but it is darn tasty.


Creme Brule and VCCC are used for a rich custard base. Vanilla pudding and marshmallow are used for a sweet vanilla pudding with a smooth mouth feel. Slight toasted note to the corn bread from the CB.

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