(OOO) Cake (Yellow)

By: One On One (OOO)

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A dense yellow cake oozing with creamy goodness and toasted coconut, with pineapple baked between the layers and fresh on top. This is a lovely blend. I enjoyed it off the shake tbh but a day to 3 wouldn't hurt anything. Enjoy!


This is a recreation of the popular apocalypse treat, the TWINKIE!

Made on Live Mixing

Hello everyone! So the idea I had for this recipe is taking the foundation of how the tres leches cake is, you know with how milk and moist the cake is? Well this is basically taking that recipe and making it into a blueberry tres leches if you will.
I have went through a few versions of this recipe since it's first creation, the best thing about this recipe and the very few people's input that helped me out since it's creation has helped out a bunch. I plan to do more desserts like this and in different various areas to expand towards.
so please enjoy this tasty vape! Let it age about two weeks at most...

This is a simple, Bavarian Cream Doughnut.

The WF Glazed Donut = base of the recipe.

OOO Yellow Cake = light, cake flavor.

WF Bavarian Cream = excellent, "heavy on the cream," Bavarian Cream flavor that can stand on it's own.

Australian Chocolate = although a definite coconut flavor, also adds a great chocolate flavor without overpowering the Bavarian Cream.

A variation of one of my vanilla custards with my cake layer (https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/212209#1_2_ish_3_cake_layer_by_lonesomerhodestn). Trying out all the classic vanilla custard tricks (marshmallow, cheesecake, vanilla, and custard) with more recent concentrates to go along with a cake layer I've come to enjoy quite a bit. I SNV this . . . mixed 60vg/40pg because that's how I like it (use at whatever ratio you prefer). It's high percentage, which I know is not some/most people's preference. I'm sure you could toy with the percentages and make it your own (feel free), but this is where I landed on the first pass and am pleased. I'm on my second bottle and will have to make more to see how it steeps.

I made this as a vehicle for my cake layer. It is a rich, vanilla custard and a slab of buttery, yellow cake all piled up together. In my opinion, it is what it says it is. I'm sharing it because I mentioned it in my previous recipe dropped earlier today. If you feel the urge to mix it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Take care.

Just plain yellow cake. OOO Yellow Cake for the body, WF Cookie Butter for an extra buttery, bakery kick, and MB Classic Sponge Cake for the browned outside crusty layer of the cake. Been using this combination as the cake element in a SNV cake and custard recipe and am extremely pleased with it.


For this oldschool Vanilla Custard Cream i made a lot of variations over the years, with different ratios and percentages of the 3 main flavors.
Finally, i know, that the ratio from Ole works best.
I have increased the amount of the 3 main flavours but stay by the Ratio, and i have add OOO Yellow Cake (a fantastic Cake)
to protect and backup the cake from CAPs NYC.
Its a small change, but it makes the vape so much more vivid in my opinion.
The vape is fuller, but not to heavy and amplify the cakey part of the cheesecake.
So there is space to add a Flavour of your Choice, if you are tired from vaping the same stuff all the time.
Vanilla Custard Cream on his findest!
Its tasty as Shake and Vape, but as Custard lover you know, to get the full mouthfeel and taste, it needs time to steep. 3 weeks+!

If you have no Yellow Cake from OOO or you want a darker Cake, you can use the Yellow Cakes from FW or JF at 2%. or
FLV Pound Cake at 1.2%!

Credit here to Ole Frederikson, the one and only Grandfather of this flavor ratio, with this great 3 flavor.
Check his original Recipe on ELR and See that hundreds of positiv reviews: https://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/11224/Grants%20Vanilla%20Custard%20my%20way

Oldschool rocks!

For 2 other fantastic Vanilla Custards, check out my ...

Yellow Extasy

or the great stuff from Wadeyloops

Yellow matter custard dripping from a dead dog's eye

And please, don't forget to rate! How Folkart says: "It makes us to better Mixers!"


This recipe is an homage to Inaweras Sesame, the flavor that kept me off cigarettes when I started vaping.

A sweet and fluffy bakery profile with just the right amount of crusty spiciness and fresh apple slices inside.

INW Biscuit, OoO Yellowcake, CAP Sugar Cookie and FA Custard Premium build the bakery base of this recipe. The yellowcake tastes amazing but lacks some creaminess which is why I added the one and only premium custard. Biscuit and sugar cookie take care of crust and delicious sweetnesses.

FA Fuji Apple is amazing on its own but gets some help by FA Lime Tahity adding a little sour juiciness and TPA Dragonfruit which helps the apple flavor not to get lost between the bakery flavors.

And then there is the star of this recipe. INW Sesame is a strong concentrate that gets far too little attention. It’s toasted, nutty notes are the key to make this recipe what it is.
Get your hands on this flavor if you don’t own it yet! I know you will like it.
(Update 2021: when I wrote this sentence I knew nothing about flavors and this was my first recipe lol. But inw sesame is still interesting. Sesame 2.0 too btw.)

Give this mix at least 10 days to steep because that’s when the sesame will start to kick in!

I mixed this for my dvarw and vapefly holic mtl attys but please let me know how it performs on a DL device.


My Zinger for this weeks show on Mixin Vixens. I don't like coconut so I chose to cover the cream filled raspberry cake with powdered sugar. Turned out really tasty.

Upside Down Dark Berry Cake

Seriously, upside down, what is upside down? The Cake or the Berries? Or do you eat it upside down? The berries are confused and were told they needed therapy. Do what you like in my world, mix upside down, vape upside down, just BE YOU! Just don't smoke.

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