(OOO) Butter Pecan Ice Cream

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I love pistachio ice cream and cream milky undertone. They really needed each other. From the past pistachio needs to steep a while and milky undertone needs like 2 days. So 3 days is about prime for this recipe....

After Archie tries his new girls banana milkshake he falls in love... I’ve been wanting a smooth banana milkshake for a while and finally put one together that doesn’t taste like a runts sundae. To me it’s just the right everything but we will see after some steeping but off the shake it was delicious.


No rocket science here. Both these flavors, OOO Butter Pecan Ice Cream and WF Butterscotch Cream Pie are great standalone flavors for a recipe. They're incredible and authentic tasting flavors!! I thought by pairing them together it would make a great recipe and boy was I right! Everything is there... The creaminess and body of the butterscotch, the smoothness of the butter pecan ice cream, and a slight hint of caramel. I'm using TPA Caramel Candy as the bridge between the 2 flavors and it did the job. This is a wonderful and simple but complex tasting recipe.

Try it out and give me your feedback!

Κεικ μπανάνα με καραμελα, βούτυρο, ξηρούς καρπούς
και κρεμουλες

Banana Cake with
Dark Caramel

Shake n Vape Certified 😊

A butterscotch pecan Creme pie with butter caramel this is the third version i deleted the wf caramel rice treats and lowered the wf roasted pecans and cream,, its ooo butter pecan ice c and wf butter pecan pie and wf roasted pecans and cream make the pie part the cream and wf caramel butter and wf butterscotch cream pie for the filling, enjoy its much better got rid of some muting from taking out the extra caramel yummy i really am enjoying this if you like butter pecan mix this and my name is wrong this is a "DIY Nightmare" recipe,,i cant change my name here

rich, decadent butter pecan ice cream sandwiched in between two sweet sugar cookies with toffee bits

A butterscotch pecan Creme pie with caramel butter seeing if I can make a banger with my third version of my first publised recipe. OOO butter pecan ice cream at 3.5% to star as the main ice cream ,now I may adjust %'s in future versions I will update if i get it better, wf caramel butter and wf rice crispy treats for the caramel, wf butter pecan pie and wf roasted pecans and cream for the pecan layer some butterscotch Creme pie to help with the pie filling and a little flv van pudding and LB van ice cream to complete it ,,,any recomendations and input to improve this shoot me a message ,,,greatly appreciated thanks MoonShot!

craving something chocolaty this is for you i had a sweet tooth and wanted to use some of the new chocolates i just got so this is what i whipped up


I got the inspiration for this recipe from a truckstop coffee currently being offered. I have never bought the coffee but it sounded good so I went for it. No need to worry about the boosy note in this recipe as the bourbon is very light after the steep and blends nicely with the butter pecan and and coffee. This needs 5-7 days to steep. I get butter pecan/caramel/cream on the inhale that transitions smoothly to a creamy coffee on the exhale.

SM Italian Roast.... Stixx Mixx concentrates are ready to use presteeped flavors. I find this to be a medium roast black coffee...not bitter just a very clean coffee flavor. I prefer this concentrate between 5-6% but i believe you could take it higher without any off notes...just stronger more in your face coffee.

RF Aged Bourbon Cream.....While this does have a distinct bourbon note after the steep is becomes subdued somewhat by the cream and caramel that emerges.. This flavor needs around five days to steep although it can be shake and vape if you don't mind the bourbon.

OOO Butter Pecan Ice Cream....light butter pecan with a lot of cream...at this percentage i get no off notes in it at all but i find the Pecan note light.

FW Butter Pecan...not much i can add about this flavor...its good...feel free to substitute OOO Butter Pecan if that is you prefered flavor.

FA Vanilla Bourbon....Enough said...LOL

Banana B Square
Bananas with double the deliciousness.
Bread Pudding and Butter Pecans
If you love bananas, feel free to increase the percentage on the Molinberry Banana.

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