(OOO) Blue Raspberry (Candy)

By: One On One (OOO)

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Check out the Mixin Vixens, Sunday 6PM EST. This request was submitted by one of our viewers. In reality, it's just vanilla ice cream with food coloring. Since a plain vanilla ice cream would be rather boring to vape, I took liberty to add flavors based on the colors. Blue Raspberry for the blue, red raspberry for pink and a little lime for the green color. I would recommend a couple of days steep for the lime to meld into the other flavors and smooth out a bit.

It’s too sweet
It’s to rich
It’s too smooth
It’s not for you.

Blue raspberry and grape madness. Snv. Enjoy.

Inspired by the developed crews steak eggs etc recipe. I didn’t find the base improved with yumberry. Upped the grape juice and added a layer of cool and blue raz. It’s possibly the best recipe on ATF. Second thought, don’t even mix it. It’ll probably put your bloody eye out.

This is a blue raspberry gummy. Modeled after the blue and white shark gummy candies. I went pretty heavy with the raspberries to cover up the red licorice the 27 fish brings along. The vanilla swirl I used to blend everything together and add some more gummy texture. Add sweetener if you don't find it sweet enough as it is. Doesn't really need a steep it was pretty tasty off the shake. Please rate and review if you mix.

I've played with my berries a bit because I wanted to make a sweet and sour juice.

This is a very simple combination of flavors. The strawberry is completed drowned out by the blue raspberry candy and the sour belt remains making a delicious blue raspberry sour belt. Add koolada to taste for a nice icy vape.

I wanted to make an ADV berry juice for the summer so I've picked OOO Blue raspberry candy, TPA raspberry sweet and FW blueberry. I've added a little bit of FA lemon sicily to boost the berries and sour to the berries.
If you got the flavors and you like berries then you should try to mix this.

Note: is shake n vape

This is unbelievable to make such a flavor, and i just mixed them for the heck of it, and this is how it turned out.
If you don't believe me try it yourself.

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