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(OOO) Banana Sweet Cream

By: One On One (OOO) - Buy Direct

Used in 12 recipes at an average of 2.667%.


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Perfect [ Peanut butter - Banana ] e-juice
(Banana/Peanut Butter/Biscuit/Sweetener)

Been on the quest for a perfect peanut butter - banana combo and I finally nailed it down.

Banana (Flavormonks) / Banana Sweet Cream (OOO) - awesome, creamy, realistic banana in 1:1 ratio of these two. Banana Sweet Cream is creamy enough to make peanut butter melt in your mouth. It'll come first on exhale!

Peanut Butter V2 (CAP) - by far the most realistic peanut butter. A little bit weak so you might want to crank it up a bit. Up to 5% is just fine but higher percentage might choke banana flavor. By me, 4% works perfect - enough to flush that banana along the tongue.

Bicsuit (INAWERA) - only a bit is enough to lend a nice body to the mix

Super Sweet (CAP) - fills gaps and rounds all up

No, you can't make flavors replacement. Different flavor vendors do flavor namesakes by using different ingredients, that's why you can't.

Update 3/18/2018
Thanks goes to Concrete River, Shyndo, and Graham for reviewing my recipe! I appreciate all the compliments & constructive feedback on Mixin Vixens Ep.5. I will start by dropping the JF Yellow Cake by 1/3 to equal 2%. I will also try some other variants; like the addition of Chocolate. (_)


A light, sweet and soft banana chiffon cake topped with macadamia nuts and nutty bakery styled tobaccos.The tobacco flavors contained in this recipe are "non-tobacco tobaccy" flavors. To me they are rich bakery accents - sweet, nutty, hints of vanilla; with little to no discernible ash, dry leaf, woody or leather flavors. This is a mellow, soft nutty bakery recipe made for the newbie tobacco enthusiasts in mind. I hope you enjoy it.

INW's nutty, biscuit like 555 Gold tobacco flavor combines with VTA's creamy and rich Macadamia Nut to create a flavorful roasted nut at the top; accented by Sweet Tobacco (PUR) - a sweet, nutty, bakery like non-tobacco tobaccy flavor.

JF's Yellow Cake combined with Banana (Hangsen) Ripe Banana (FR), & Banana Sweet Cream (OOO) create a light, sweet, smooth and fluffy banana chiffon cake at the base.


Recipe Illustration by Leilani H. 2018
♥️ Created for #MixinVixens - Mixin Vixens Ep.4 (YouTube)

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