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(OOO) Bacon

By: One On One (OOO)

Used in 8 recipes at an average of 2.657%.


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Second breakfast? What do Hobbits eat for second breakfast? I know what I would eat.....maple bacon pecan donuts. I’m hoping Middle Earth has everything they need for these donuts...I’m hoping the bacon comes out with a steep. I didn’t want it taking over the mix, so I kept it low.....might need a bumping up, being Hobbits like bacon. Thank you Jennifer Jarvis for such a fun challenge!


So, my favorite local donut shop has these little delights. Problem is I swear I'm cursed, and only get them once a month if I'm lucky. So, needed a stopgap measure. While it may need tweaking, this is pretty good, so why not.

Thought process here:
Zeppola and Glazed Donut: The donut in question here is a maple bar that is somewhere between a light and fluffy glazed donut and a more doughy donut, so splitting the difference. The WF Glazed Donut is exactly what it says on the tin, no Play-Doh taste.
Torrone and sweetner: add some crunchy flaky sugar glaze, cos it literally falls off the damned donut while you eat it.
Maple Bar: Lil more donut, and adds my frosting. I'd add syrup to get more maple, buuut...
OoO Bacon: The other star of the show here. I originally wanted 3%, but it kinda needs a starring role. The maple flavoring in this should add nicely to the maple bar and punch that up.
Only other thing I might add in is like .5-1% cap buttercream frosting to punch that aspect up, but hell, i don't notice the frosting aspect when I eat these. just sweet, fluffy, sugary, maple BACON donut.

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