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(ONE) Strawberry

By: One Drop Flavors (ONE) - Buy Direct

Used in 14 recipes at an average of 3.965%.


Maintained by: ceedee ceedee Apexified

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Just in time for spring/summertime a non harsh close to fresh watermelon
Still going to have a slight jolly rancher taste at the end of the exhale


Super sweet optional at .5%

Ooo marshmallow vanilla....used here for sweetness but mainly to cut the harshness off the watermelon. Also adds a little creamy texture...as I️ think about eating watermelon the real ripe melons to me do have a slightly creamy texture to them

One drop flavors....weaker flavor concentrates so they are going to be used at a higher percentage than we are used to but in this instance since the are weaker it makes it slightly easier to cut or hide the notes we don’t want...ie harsh jolly rancher candy note

Fa pear....this brings some sweetness as well as helping to brighten the fruits while lending a little texture to this mix

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