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(NN) Tamarin…D’Oh!

By: Nude Nicotine (NN) - Buy Direct

Used in 5 recipes at an average of 1.6%.


2 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

!!!Warning!!! hot and spicy, not for the faint hearted vapers.

Chamoyada is a sweet and spicy type of shaved ice, or raspado, prepared with chamoy.
First attempt to make a vape of this typically mexican delice. This recipe will be perfected over time.

For the Chamoy part i used:
Sriracha (SC) (Real Flavors) ----> 2 Drops/15ml or at taste, some like it hot....:-)
Sugar Plum (SC) (Real Flavors)
Tamarin-Doh! (NN)
(Tamarind could be subbed with FA Sour, it's not tamarind tho!)
The fruit is best described as sweet and sour in taste

For the Fruity (Mangonada) part i used:
Mango (SC) (Real Flavors)
Mango (JF)
Papaya (TFA)
Florida Key Lime (FA)
Strawberry (SC) (Real Flavors)

For a sweet, popsicle and cooling part i used:
Soda Base (SC) (Real Flavors) and
WS-23 (30%) --> add more or reduce at taste.

S/V 24 hours but better after 3 days

edit 07/22/2017:
It seems NN stopped selling Tamarin-Doh!
I found some places where you still can get some tamarind.
Not in a particular order but you still can find these wonderful aroma here:
or shop direct http://atmoslab.com/product/tamarin-flavour

This recipe originally came about during my quest to create the Mexican candy Pelon Pelo Rico into a vape. Living in the Southwest Pelon is a staple at every convenient store and it only made sense to recreate it. While this recipe is not exactly Pelon, it is something similar, almost like taking all of the Mexican candies on the shelf and mixing them into a bowl. (Make sure not to over pour the FLV heat, too much and it can really take over and be un vapeable, for me at least, I do like 1 or 2 drops in a 30 ml.) Here I bring you the candy of Mexico!

Flavor Notes