(NN) Stevia Solutions (5% VG)

By: Nude Nicotine (NN) - Buy Direct

Used in 56 recipes at an average of 2.216%.


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Simple Blackberry Lemonade / first attempt tinkering is a likely scenario.

Tim Hortons, a Canadian duncan donuts style restaurant recently released a new churro donut with a small trace of caramel filling inside. I've done a pretty acurate job recreating this in a vape. I'm not a fan of cinnamon so I left it out of the recipe but I'm sure if you wanted you could add it.

Both Zeppola and lucky shot are two of my favourite concentrates and it was just a matter of tuning them in at the right percentages to get this delicious ADV.
I used VG stevia solution as the sweetener because I find it gives a juicy mouth feel but I'm sure you could sub for .25-.5% super sweet or 1% sucralose

Hope you guys like it, let me know what you think

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