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(NR) Vanilla Bacco

By: Nicotine River (NR) - Buy Direct

Used in 24 recipes at an average of 3.417%.


5 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

Solub Arome's cafe vanilla cacao as the main coffee base with Vape Train's coffee milk froth to accentuate and add a frothy/whipped note. FLV's Butterscotch and Smoked Butterscotch for obvious reasons with the Nic River Vanilla Bacco. Tobaccos help boost coffee flavors for some reason and the added vanilla note is a nice bonus.
Result is a light coffee with cream with vanilla smoked butterscotch "creamer" effect.

You can omit the tobacco if you don't like it. I would add your favorite vanilla if you choose to do so.

day 2 this is a very pleasant vape - mild and flavorful - 5 days - same mild and flavorful - okay this recipe is a good one now... I can only imagine it getting better with a longer steep but at 5 days it's really nice. I had wanted more cinnamon but not overpowering as it is you cannot really make out the cinnamon but the flavors here do come together to produce a great vape. It's just like the title - vanilla tobacco - and it seems just super simple even though the recipe has all this stuff in it - the vape seems very basic - vanilla tobacco LOL

I used double apple a bit more than green since green has such a bite to it but I think it will end up tasting like a green apple. And then added Cavendish which I just love and vanilla bacco which is nice and finally some dulche de leche to smooth it out plus sweetener which I'm not sure is necessary for this recipe but I know the person I'm making it for likes sweet plus I think it kinda acts like salt in that it brings out flavors. I've single tested cavendish at 3 and that is a good spot for it.

As i was testing the NR Vanilla bacco, i tested it with 5% in a 5ml VG, steeped it for around 6 days, the flavor is light and delight.

NR Vanilla Bacco has a light but noticeable sweet tobacco to it, paired with vanilla which is also detectable.

The flavor by its own is nice, but i noticed its a dry flavor as a standalone mix.

This is my first mix to try out, made a 25ml because i know its gonna be a good mix, due to my experience with the RY4 and Shisha Vanilla.

Will let you all know the end result after two weeks and how it taste exactly.

Day 2: This is a certified as SNV mix and its ADV for me. I like tobacco vapes and this an exceptional simple one. If you are a smoker or a tobacco vape lover, try it and you won't regret it and the Vanilla Bacco has a lot of mix potential folks.

Day 3: The RY4 start to pop up and a nice sweet hint of caramel come to the surface, i mainly used it to sweeten up the mix and push the tobacco note up.

Optional %: You can adjust the Vanilla Bacco between 3-6 as you like.

Note: No need for Sweeteners at all, unless you are over sweet lover, Plus although i said its a SNV mix, just give it a 4 to 8 hours before you start and shake it well after the mix guys.

Group test Note:

The average vapors report back that the vanilla is so much, for me it's nice and seems balanced. But for you all mixers, you can start out with this percentages to tame down the vanilla flavor:

Vanilla Bacco 4-5%
RY4 Double 1%
Shisha Vanilla 0.67%

IMO those above percentages won't change the recipe taste, yet it will reduce the vanilla note a bit.

Keep vapin...

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