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(NR) Strawberry Biscuit

By: Nicotine River (NR) - Buy Direct

Used in 69 recipes at an average of 3.979%.


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madE some major changes. As my aroma collection has grown from under 50 to over 300 and my tastes have matured so has my ability to mix. Not saying I’m a great mixer only that I enjoy my batches much more hope you all do as well.

What do we all love? Strawberries, strawberries and what? Biscuits so I decided to build off the aroma from NR and make a full body flaky baked strawberries and biscuits. This is my 3rd revision and I’m happy with the flavor so I’m making it public. Enjoy.


lb Strawberry Cheesecake for the strawberry and its contribution to the cream and crust, NR Strawberry biscuit for the crust and strawberry topping
FA Kiwi for a nice authentic kiwi along with TPA Quince to make the fruit on top juicy
LB Vanilla bean ice cream for the cream layer the fruit lays on
Cap super sweet at .50% adds a perfect amount of sweetness.. Feel free to omit if your not a sweetener person

I've struggled to taste strawberry and have mixed alot of strawberry and creams. This recipe was another attempt but looking outside the box. I was at nic rivers purchasiing nicotene and noticed there new strawberry biscuit flavor. I thought the biscuit might hold on to the strawberry longer and make the sweet cream taste more like a rich milk. The results where a nestle quik strawberry flavor and most of all I could taste the strawberry. This was huge for me and is my ADV now. Vaping on a tesla nano 120 with a vaporesso pro tank .5ss ccell 35 watts. Regards all.

This my take on Strawberry Shortcake. For my strawberries and strawberry drizzle I used a combination of purilum/nicotine river strawberry biscuit at 5% this is more of a buttery strawberry flavor almost more of a strawberry syrup but mixed with strawberry ripe by tfa at 3% it turns it into a more authentic strawberry with a strawberry syrup drizzle. Well the next part to my strawberry short cake is the base now there are many ways to achieve a strawberry short cake base so why limit myself to just one being how they are all delicious. So I chose to utilize a biscuit base and a sponge cake base both versions are good and both mix well into a Vape juice I did this with: Labyrinth by Flavor Art at 3.5% is my sponge cake and then I use Biscuit by Inawera at 1% for my biscuit blow its not really a biscuit but we can dream right and out really works in this mix.
Last but not liest is the whipped cream: I achieved this by using a combination of Meringue by flavor art at 1.5% and cream fresh by flavor art at 1% and shisha vanilla by inawera at .5% Well all that's left is giving this recipe 3 to 4 days to fully blend although it is delicious almost immediately.😁 Enjoy!!!!

This is a thumb print cookie recipe. I think its really good give it a try. If you don't have strawberry biscuit substitute it to a jam or fruit of tour choice.

This is my jelly doughnut recipe. I used strawberry biscuit from nicotine rivers house concentrates for my jelly flavor. Strawberry biscuit is a great flavor it tastes almost like fresh strawberry jam with a slight buttery taste it's a wonder full offering from nicotine river. If you don't have strawberry jam from nicotine river I am sure you could use a strawberry flavor of your choice in place of the strawberry biscuit. But I will say that strawberry biscuit is a great flavor and you can't go wrong buying it. Wow from flavor art also has a slight jelly type flavor as well but mainly has a doughnut taste. I mix the wow with glazed doughnut by capella to complete the doughnut flavor. I then add in funnel cake by capella I used this flavor to give it a deep fried taste and feel. I like funnel cake by Capella in small percentages I think it gives a perfect deep fried taste at lower percentages. I feel that doughnut flavors normally take a longer steep time but I tried this recipe after a 7 day steep and it tastes really good. Give it a try!!

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