(RS) Kigola

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Used in 43 recipes at an average of 7.996%.


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Get some kigola. Add some shisha strawberry and a little sweetener and gtfo. Simple and absolutely beautiful strawberry kiwi. Refreshing and smooth. Shake and vape but definitely improves over 24 hours.

Like most of these NR flavors, they’re basically 75% complete recipes, they seem to work around 7-12% and have been shake and vape so far. They all need a little help. Really enjoying them so far.

Saw a video on YouTube from a guy who recommended it and it’s perfect.


I love this as a simple and easy tropical mix so far.
it is a smooth creamy tropical flavor, while the tartness of the mango,kiwi and strawberry help balance it out.

The sweetness of the Guanabana plays well with the tartness of the mango in Golden Eye..
as with the Kigola it adds a bit more flavor dept and tangyness to how mellow the mix was.

Enjoy, Kame =)

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