(NF) Danish Pastry

By: Nature's Flavors (NF) - Buy Direct

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Boo-Yaa! Boom-Shaka-Laka! First and foremost , Have a Happy, Fun, Vapeful and Safe 4th of July this coming Holiday!! This is recipe is for all you freakin’ wonderful vaping people. For those about to Vape “We Salute You” and those of of you already Vape, “A 21 Gun Salute”. This recipe was totally inspired by “Noted Episode 208 - Sugar. Mindfloodz and I decided to do something sugary for the 4th, and walaaaaa, here it is. I asked his advise on sugars and percentages and I asked just to incorporate one of my favorite flavors “Organic Danish Pastry” by Natures Flavors. We wanted that powdery, on-top cinnamon note and with a slight boost of just a little more danish. Decided to post this a little early because we really enjoyed it and will not be around that week. So Enjoy!!

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