(MPV) Calipitter Chow

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A Caramel Custard. Give it a try.

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Complex, nutty, creamy goodness. Transform you ADV from a Calipitter to a Butterfly

You can use whatever sweetener you prefer or leave it out completely, I like SS personally

Winner of Midweek Critique Season 2 March 11th -

-Wayne's Critique-
"So when I first saw this recipe, I was very skeptical. Utilizing “One-Shot” type ingredients like Legendary Custard didn’t breed confidence, nor did the odd use of “Calipitter Chow” from Mom and Pops (an ingredient I never even heard of before. But nonetheless, after vaping I was very surprised at the level of flavor, nuance, and intricacy that was displayed. So “Butterfly Effect” aims to replicate a Muddy Buddy Caramel Ice Cream dessert. And all those notes are present. The Calipitter Chow emulates Muddy Buddies pretty well and the note sticks with the whole vape. This is then followed by a rich and lingering caramel ice cream. Absolutely delicious, fun and unique. My only hangup is this light off-note that comes from the Calipitter. It’s like this odd coffee type note. It does however seem to steep out, and isn’t very distracting to begin with. Overall, you have to try this recipe"

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I know that not many people will have the ingredients,but this is too damn good to keep it.A tobacco vape,rich,creamy with a nice nut taste

So I’ve been working on recipes utilising MVP Calipitter chow for a few weeks now. This is a great concentrate even using as a single flavour from (10% - 12%) It’s nutty,fluffy,sweet,vanilla goodness and can be used in many applications. My initial thought was “tobacco” but not your heavy,wet,ashy kind, I New this was crying out for a solid RY4 and that’s where DFS holy grail comes in.The original V1 Holy grail is sublime in every sense and I’m one of the lucky ones to still have a decent amount on hand,it truly was the best on the market and the likes of @fear have shown this in some fantastic ways. Unfortunately I haven’t tried this with the V2 yet but you can most definitely use it! I would maybe consider reducing the FA Vanilla classic down to 0.50%.If you don’t have either V1 or V2 there are 3 other options...”TPA RY4 double” - “JF RY4 double” or my personal favourite of the 3 “FA SoHo” Soho isn’t a RY4 but it definitely works in this application! I Also wanted to add some more darkness to the recipe in the form of sweetness and caramelisation and to me,FA butterscotch is king for this however you could sub this for FLV butterscotch or FLV caramel if you don’t have FA on hand! You can also sub FA butterscotch for FLV smoked butterscotch to give the recipe a new approach,I personally really enjoyed it with this @1%... Now back to Calipitter chow...it’s a great flavouring like I said but has 1 slight downfall,when pushed to higher realms it can become slightly throaty for myself so I wanted to implement a vanilla that I new could hold up to the RY4 and the inherent nuttiness provided from Chow so for me,my obvious choice was one of my personal favourite vanillas that being FA vanilla classic. This is a truly delicious vanilla with great depth and longevity and really does finish this recipe off in a subtle yet apparent and smoothing way. Really though,you can play around with your own version of this and use whatever you like as long as its going to hold up.My recommendations for other vanilla’s Would be “INW Shisha vanilla” - “DFS Holy Vanilla v1 or v2” all @ the same percentage (1%). I’m a sucker for all things sweet so I added 0.40% cap super sweet and I found this to be the real sweet spot for my taste buds however this is great without!! It’s entirely down to the mixers preference. So.....sit back like a true vape connoisseur and enjoy this delicious,simple recipe and please be so kind to leave me a review and rating so that other mixers can decide whether they would like to mix it up. Happy mixing guys and stay hazy. 😎💙 *** If you want this more “CHOW” forward simply switch the percentages with “HOLY GRAIL”, IMHO both ways are very satisfying and full of flavour I personally like the slight tobacco Notes breaching through @4% as stated.***


Simple 3 ingredients recipe.
let it sit for a couple of days for the nuts to calm and the cream to pop!

ELR Link: http://tjek.nu/r/pt3Z


This is an all day vape of mine for a few months. Thought I would share on ATF.
A chewy crispy cookie with a hint of caramel and honeycomb This is using a few of my favorite concentrates. It is Addicting!!!

Calipitter Chow concentrate can be purchased at Chefs Flavours.

This is a recipe from a friend that is now my all-day every-day flavour.
Everyone that tastes it becomes addicted and currently I have to make this liquid for all my colleagues.

A custard, an ice cream, and a panna cotta - the holy trinity of vanilla infused desserts.

Wafer, graham cracker and brown sugar add a bit of texture and keep things interesting.

I'm in a minority in that I prefer custards fresher, so I SnV this - I think most people would rather at least a week steep.

A very rich creamy vanilla ice cream with an almost nutty caramel undertone.i can't put this down

Flavor notes:https://www.reddit.com/r/DIY_eJuice/comments/5nlr3a/holy_moly/


GOLD RUSH...McVities Gold bars, a crunchy biscuit center with a layer of crisped rice smothered in caramel flavoured Caramac coating.

I've been attempting to nail gold bars for the last year, I've gone through so many different concentrate combinations that I'd consigned the mix to unicorn status... Then I discovered OSDIYs Lucky Shot!

In the strictest terms, a Gold bar doesn’t have any chocolate in it at all, due to not actually containing any cocoa... which is handy considering all white chocolate concentrates taste of arse...

Give this one at least a weeks steep so the caramel & cream flavours have time to settle.

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