(MPV) Calipitter Chow

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Simple 3 ingredients recipe.
let it sit for a couple of days for the nuts to calm and the cream to pop!

ELR Link: http://tjek.nu/r/pt3Z


This is an all day vape of mine for a few months. Thought I would share on ATF.
A chewy crispy cookie with a hint of caramel and honeycomb This is using a few of my favorite concentrates. It is Addicting!!!

Calipitter Chow concentrate can be purchased at Chefs Flavours.

A Variant to extend lovely Calipitter Chow.

FA Hazelgroove, FA Marzipan & CAP French Vanilla backup the Nuts and Vanilla from Calipitter Chow,
to taste stronger on the exhale and linger longer on the tongue.
The well proven Cake Part( INW Biscuit & FA Cookie) to give this mix a tasty Texture.
You can lower the % of Calipitter Chow to your taste, but i like it that high!
Its sooo Yummi!

Give it some days to steep. Most for the cake part.

This is a recipe from a friend that is now my all-day every-day flavour.
Everyone that tastes it becomes addicted and currently I have to make this liquid for all my colleagues.

A custard, an ice cream, and a panna cotta - the holy trinity of vanilla infused desserts.

Wafer, graham cracker and brown sugar add a bit of texture and keep things interesting.

I'm in a minority in that I prefer custards fresher, so I SnV this - I think most people would rather at least a week steep.

A very rich creamy vanilla ice cream with an almost nutty caramel undertone.i can't put this down

Flavor notes:https://www.reddit.com/r/DIY_eJuice/comments/5nlr3a/holy_moly/


GOLD RUSH...McVities Gold bars, a crunchy biscuit center with a layer of crisped rice smothered in caramel flavoured Caramac coating.

I've been attempting to nail gold bars for the last year, I've gone through so many different concentrate combinations that I'd consigned the mix to unicorn status... Then I discovered OSDIYs Lucky Shot!

In the strictest terms, a Gold bar doesn’t have any chocolate in it at all, due to not actually containing any cocoa... which is handy considering all white chocolate concentrates taste of arse...

Give this one at least a weeks steep so the caramel & cream flavours have time to settle.

Mix © Betamax (Ella Robinson)

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