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After testing several different variations of this recipe I've finally come up with the recipe that I'm very proud of. This is my Guanaberry Smoothie! The base of this recipe is FLV Guanabana. What an incredible natural creamy flavor. I used to stop and buy guanabana at a corner market near Miami every time I drove home from Key West. FLV Guanabana is the real deal. I think it does a great job of emulating the real thing. It blends perfectly with TFA Drangonfruit and FLV Sweet Coconut. For the smoothie part I mixed MB Strawberry Milk with just 1% of SSA Ice Cream Vanilla.

Another option, if you're not into the Ice Cream vibe, is substituting SSA Ice Cream Vanilla with 2% TFA Strawberry Yogurt. The recipe is more strawberry prominent but still tastes amazing!

Definitely amazing after a 2-3 day steep.

Please enjoy and feedback welcomed!

I wanted another tropical vape but with more creaminess and a touch of strawberry & cooling. This is a variation of my "Summer Wedding" recipe https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/228359#summer_wedding_by_mindfloodz

I used MB Pineapple lassi is this recipe to give a touch of cooling and add a little pineapple to the mix. I like the pairing of WF Passionfruit with CNV Passionfruit and used it as such is this recipe. VT Banana Custard and MB Strawberry Milk work as my smoothie base to carry the weight of the tropical fruit blend. My tropical fruit accents I chose were FLV Ripe Mango and WF Tropical gummy candy to give it a thicker and more syrupy tropical fruit vibe to this mix.

I've vaped over 100mls of this recipe so far and keep coming back to it for more. Its one of my favorite tropical fruit recipes at this point in time. If you mix it up, I hope you enjoy. I appreciate any feedback

Seen the new Kellogs release and had an idea.
Rice Crunchies makes up the main cereal aspect and is a popular choice amongst many simular profiles, paired it will some acetyl pyrazine so as not to loose the grain/ cereal too much.
Love & Strawberry milk make up the flavoured cereal and milk aspect with the meringue bringing in some extra sweetness to the milk and premium add a layer of subtle richness for the white chocolate notes.

I havent done any tests for this recipe really kind of just mixed what i thought would work then let it sit over night and started vaping it, so if anyone has some suggestions let me know but so far this isnt bad at all and does taste like what it supposed to be. Will get better after a steep i should imagine but let me know your thoughts πŸ˜„

Pretty much a straight fwd πŸ“πŸ₯› after it steeps out... It might need a lil more tweaking but it's pretty damn good now... Used MB Strawberry Milk for the ground work since it's basically a one shot, and everything else is to support and build up the rest of the recipe...

I think some WF Cookie Butter could turn this into a nice cereal milk (maybe with an add of a lil custard) just cause I put this over some of Silky's Cookie Crumble Custard https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/188966 and it showed alot if promise to going into a cereal milk... Idk πŸ€ͺ experiment at your own expense... It's DIY mofos! Either way hope y'all enjoy... And atleast keep on mixing and keep the community alive! πŸ‘Š

not much flavor notes i wanted a strawberry banana nesquik milk and this was the first idea i had in my head and it came out amazing .


A thick,sweet,creamy,decadent strawberry milkshake that’s worthy of a throne. Notes to follow in due course when I have time but for now,enjoy!
This recipe has taken some inspiration from Platinum Blush created by the @developed lads! Please check there recipe out and if you mix this please leave a rating and short review for other mixers to see. πŸ˜€πŸ’™

The Description: Strawberry Christmas cake is one Japan's most beloved holiday traditions, made with fluffy sponge cake (Fluffy White Cake), whipped cream (Vanilla Whipped Cream ), and strawberries (Strawberry Gummy and Strawberry Shortcake). Starbucks holiday beverage is inspired by the sweet confection, made with steamed milk (Milk Fresh), strawberry compote, and white mocha syrup (VT Love), finished with whipped cream, strawberry topping, and crushed biscuit. I can't taste strawberry very well so this is it from me. I use an RDA 0.17 Ohms 55 watts.


This is a collaborative creation by DEVELOPED: NaChef, Max Savage, Graham, Folkart, and Guest, Nick Evans.
Platinum Blush is our take on what a strawberry Nesquik shake should taste like. It has an artificial shake essence to it, making it perfect for those who fell in love with that scrumptious delight. Full flavor notes on DEVELOPED Episode 39 at https://youtu.be/6YDpnKJgUjg .

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This recipe was specifically made for the episode of Noted: Old World Strawberries, which I participated in.

During all my tests of European strawberry brands, I bumped into MB Strawberry Milk, which happened to be exactly what I was looking for. So I made this the star of the show. It's from their M-line, which kinda makes it a one-shot that lacks something.
To me, it's more of a cream than an actual milk, but oh boy it does it well in that department.
To add little bit of roundness to it, I decided in TFA Vanilla Swirl which smoothens out the cream even further and adds just a touch of vanilla.

I have always loved my strawberry shakes and ice creams with some running gooey caramel. Of all my caramel choices I boiled it down to two: either VT Salted Caramel or FW Caramel (salted). Knowing both flavors well, my choice fell on FW Caramel (salted) as it is just a touch more sweet and gooey than VT Salted Caramel and I wanted this recipe to be sweet.

The MB Sweet Strawberry is there to help and boost this strawberry in MB Strawberry Milk, as Strawberry Milk has a tough time to distinguish both flavors and generally are just blended. I needed the strawberry to be a little bit more there and since I had just tried MB Sweet Strawberry and had it in my top 3 for noted as number 1, I figured it would be the perfect choice.

I consider this a very simple and easy recipe for beginners to get into mixing, as you won't have to worry too much about balancing the strawberries and cream thanks to the perfection MB Strawberry Milk really is.

Works perfectly fine as SnV, but if you leave it over night that FW Caramel (salted) really kicks into gear.


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