(MB) Soft Banana

By: Molinberry (MB)

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This recipe started off when I was riffing on solo flavors, and threw together my SFT bottles of MB Soft Banana and LB Pink Lemonade. To be honest, I expected it to end up in the garbage.

However, I absolutely loved the result. Turns out banana and lemon make for a super-interesting pairing. For some reason, the combination definitely creates delicious pink bubblegum side note! I would even venture to say that the bubblegum vibe is almost as strong as the main players!

Tart and bright, this mixture has just enough Banana (with zero Runt-i-ness to be found). If you have a sweet tooth, a bit of sweetener might be a nice touch. LB Pink Lemonade seemed to work better than other lemonades for this mix, adding a nice tartness but never getting astringent. CAP Sweet Tangerine is amazing for adding a bit of fullness to fruit mixes, while VT Yoghurt Drink gives off a subtle, citrusy creaminess. The recipe ended up pretty sweet, flavorful & well-balanced. If yer lookin’ for something more complex & advanced than Lemonade 101, this one is a sweet, strange change of pace!


OOO Cream (MU), FA cream fresh along with TPA Vanilla Swirl and CAP cake batter makes up the creamy milkshake taste and texture. After many attempts at getting the banana right, l settled on a trio, VT Banana custard (it's a cream NOT a custard) pairs well with TPA Banana Cream, I added just a touch of MB Soft Banana because I just love the extra it brings. I'm very happy with how it turned out, I find it difficult to put down. Works straight off the shake but really comes into it's own after a couple of days.


Here’s my version of a delicious,simple banana pudding that IMO is decent off the shake and ready to go. I prefer to add 0.5% cap SS to pretty much all my recipes (this one included) however it’s very tasty without so if you prefer not to use sweetener,this recipe is a banger without. Please leave your feedback if you give this one or any of my other recipes a mix, kind regards and stay safe people 💙

Tired of your regular strawberry and cream adv?! This is for you🙂

A super simple and Delicious combination of banana and rhubarb in a light cream.

Enjoy this little one and leave a comment if you mix it up👍👊

and if you enjoy rhubarb, give this one a go as well now your at it, by EyeMsam👍


After Archie tries his new girls banana milkshake he falls in love... I’ve been wanting a smooth banana milkshake for a while and finally put one together that doesn’t taste like a runts sundae. To me it’s just the right everything but we will see after some steeping but off the shake it was delicious.

I would have too say after all the strawberry 🍓 banana 🍌 yogurts I've been searching for this is by far the best I've made too date try it out guys

A banana nut cookie with a chocolate backnote. Mixed on Fresh03 SaturDIY'ing with Fresh03 and Friends.

This is a Strawberry, Blue Raspberry, Apple smoothie, with light notes of milk, banana, and ice.

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My goal was to recreate a banana cookie with hints of honey and cinnamon that I used to eat as a child. I tried this before with no success because the banana layer just wasn't right because of missing flavors. I nailed this profile as soon as I got some more bananas in my stash.

This is good as a SNV but everything goes into place after a week.

VT Biscuit Base/FA Cookie - these two together bring a perfect crunchy buttery cookie

Bananas - At these % this blends into the cookie base perfectly to create a single unit banana cookie

FA Honey - Just enough to give the needed honey

VT Honeycomb - This helps boost the honey and bring some creaminess into the profile

CAP Cinnamon Sugar - This brings a nice cinnamon without overtaking all the other flavors

FA Vanilla Tahity - This was the chosen vanilla for the mix, it fits perfectly into the cookie and cannot be substituted for any other vanillas

CAP Super Sweet - I actually use my own sucralose dilution that is very similar to super sweet in strength but doesn't contain all the other ingredients found in it. As always, add it to your liking but at 0.25 this brings just enough sweetness to the mix

I have been mixing for around 2 yeas and this is my first contribution to ATF, any input from you on here would be very welcome, good or bad!

This is a peanut butter and banana sandwhich, bread and all. It's not perfect, but it's damn good.

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