(MB) Pink Lady

By: Molinberry (MB)

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It took me 14 years to create this recipe

It all started in my backyard in the late 2000s, i was wearing a red shirt and spilled my strawberry milk on it. This sprouted the idea of....jk

i was 134minutes into a edible. Thought of this. Mixed it. TASTY. FE Lemon is not needed

Add sweetness to your preference. I used 7 drops of stevia or cap ss. Hope you enjoy

I’m really, really enjoying vaping this mix. I can’t put it down!

A juicy, refreshing, summery feeling mix.

Juicy, tart apple with pink fruity and floral notes from the MB Pink Lady. VSO Apple is the foundation of the mix. It’s the best apple flavour I’ve tried by miles. I could happily vape it as a SF.
I think those who usually don’t like florals won’t be put off by this mix as they more just accent to the apple. It’s a pretty soft floral note.
Cucumber is mainly adding to the overall fresh feel of the mix.

I let it sit overnight before vaping just because I'm weird and find apples harsh straight off a shake. If you don't have that issue it's good as a SNV.

*I have changed the %s slightly. I tried this recipe on a few different RDAs since i first mixed it and found CAP Cucumber was overly rindy on more airy attys. So I lowered it. I also reduced VSO Apple slightly to balance the mix now there's less cucumber.

This was for Mixin Vixen episode 2/2, man soaking in a goat milk bath with a flower in his mouth.

Needs no introduction really but here's my version of a POG. MB Pink lady adds the passionfruit note but also helps round off the guava in my opinion. Jelly candy along with dragonfruit helps emulsify it all together.

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